• 5 things you need to know about Natures Store!

    16th September 2019

    What you need to know: (1) Their entire range is gluten free!!! (2) They aren’t just rice cakes. That might be what you know them for (and they are very yummy!) but here’s their full product range: Rice Cakes – all sorts of flavours from milk choc to dark mint and choc orange Popcorn Bars…

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  • Ice Cream: Coeliac/Gluten Free Guide

    21st July 2019

    Here’s a few bits and pieces you might find useful to help get the very best coeliac friendly, dairy free ice cream! From cones and sprinkles to a list of the safe options from the ice cream man!! (1) Gluten free cones exist Yep, its true!! I’m not going to lie, its a bit like…

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  • Sainsbury’s: reasons to go!

    20th August 2018

    Never go to Sainsburys? I didn’t used to either, but having seen so many great Sainsbury’s own products on Instagram, I thought I better go and check it out! The gluten free section was huge but I also found loads of bits hiding in the “normal” aisles. I’ve included all my favourite finds below! *All…

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  • Asda: We all love a new find… I’ve got 15!!!

    13th August 2018

    Now you all know I love Asda, and its not only because they have the best brownie mix! I think they have the one of the widest ranges of gluten/dairy free goodies at very affordable prices and they’ve shown that once again today. Here are some new bits I found – from cheesecake to chickpeas!…

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  • I scream, you scream, we all scream for gf/df ice cream!!!

    4th August 2018

    I scream, you scream, we all scream for *gluten free/dairy free* ice cream!!! As a newbie to the coeliac & dairy free game, I would never have guessed there would be so many ice cream options. Even our local ice cream van has a vegan cornetto! But when you’re spending a small fortune on a…

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