Gluten Free Picnic Food: Product Ideas

7th June 2021
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This is a guide with TONS of ideas for gluten free picnic food – most of it is pre-cooked and ready to go. Its not a comprehensive list as we’re a little spoilt for choice but it includes lots of ideas and yummy products to consider when you’re next heading for a picnic!

WHY DID I WRITE THIS? Charlie was going on a picnic a few weekends back and it got my thinking… “what would I take to a picnic?!”. Luckily, this time I wasn’t going along with him as nothing sprung to mind!! If I had of been going, I’d have panicked at that point. To remove the panic I might have in the future (and hopefully yours too!), I thought I’d make this little guide.


Chicken Kebabs/Big Pieces

  • Tesco – Ready to Eat Chicken Kebabs
  • Leon Chicken Pieces (available in Sainsburys)

Drumsticks and Wings

Most of the brands I’ve come across are gluten free but here are some examples…

  • Tesco – Ready To Eat Roast Chicken Drumsticks and BBQ Wings
  • Sainsburys – Hot Buffalo Chicken Wings
  • Morrisons – Sriracha Honey or Roast Chicken

Cocktail Sausages (already cooked)

  • Heck – Plain or Chicken Italia
  • Gosh Veggie Sausages (lots of flavours avaliable)

Cocktail Sausages (need cooking before your picnic!)

  • Sainsburys – fridge section
  • Coop or Tesco – frozen

Sausage Rolls

  • M&S Made Without
  • Genius (frozen)
  • Too Good to Be (Sainsburys, Ocado)


Tons of options around! Most are gf so you’ll have plenty of choice

Peperami Snack Box – i know!! gluten free!!!!

imageOfProduct id = 455658011

Pork Pies

To my knowledge the only two brands avaliable are:

  • Too Good to Be – can buy from Sainsburys
  • M&S Made without

Scotch Eggs

I think M&S used to have a gf scotch egg but not sure its available anymore! I have the best recipe though – tips for a runny yolk and all!!!

Crisps and Dip

Most dips are gluten free but wanted to share the “Firecracker” one because I LOVE it and the other two as they’re the only new “summer” dips I’ve found.

This flavour of Kettle Crisps are amazing too. Top tip: all kettle crisps are gluten free!



Two options: Schar or Tesco


Two choices again: Bfree and Genius

Potato Salad

Seems like most brands are gluten free but these two are a bit special because the first is dairy free too and the second is vegan.

Spanish Omelette

I really love this. Gluten and Dairy free. Sainsburys, Waitrose and I’m sure lots of others.

imageOfProduct id = 475151011


Cheese Rolls

M&S Made without – I’m told they’re very good too!

imageOfProduct id = 515433011


M&S, Asda and Sainsburys all have free from quiche. Here’s a small selection of the flavours available. To my knowledge, there isn’t a gluten/dairy free option.

Sainsbury's Deliciously Free From Cheese & Bacon Quiche 170g


Lots of brands contain gluten but here’s a few that don’t:

  • Gosh make a whole variety of flavours
  • M&S Plant Kitchen and Normal Snack Range

Chorizo and Gouda Rolls

Both Asda and Sainsburys offer these!

Other Bits

Here’s tons of other little bits you could take along with you! All the supermarkets have something on offer. These bits tend to be with the dips etc in the fridges.


There are tons of options out there. Here’s a selection I found:

The unexpected one! Available on Ocado

imageOfProduct id = 44427011


Cakes – we are a little bit spoilt for choice these days. Here’s a small selection of ideas of you

Lighter options – popcorn, mini meringues, fruit and PB

Tubs of Bites – most of the supermarkets have something – easy to carry without getting crushed in your picnic basket

Other Bits – flapjacks, jam tarts

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