Gluten Free Scotch Eggs

19th August 2018
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You can’t get better than a batch of gluten free scotch eggs, can you!?

Good news – they’re actually very easy to make – the only tricky bit is getting a runny yolk but hopeifully if you follow my simple tips below, you’ll be on your way to scotch egg heaven. 

Bit of Background

My scotch egg addiction is all my boyfriends fault. He moved into a flat directly opposite a restaurant that served award winning, mouth-wateringly good scotch eggs  – the Sands End. It was here that I fell in love! Sadly, the scotch eggs and I have had to get a divorce post coeliac-gate.

However, I was determined to make a gluten, dairy free version to rival the Sands End & I think I’ve done it!!!!!

Baked or Fried?

I’ve included both options in this recipe. Here’s a bit of info so you can pick between the two.

Baked – obviously a little healthier. Won’t brown around the outside so looks slightly less appealing (if that’s possible) and doesn’t quite have the traditional crunchy coating but if you close your eyes, they taste almost identical.

Fried – I don’t fry them in a deep wok of oil, just because I don’t think they really need it so why waste the oil?! I fry them in about 1 inch of oil to brown them up and then stick in the oven to cook through.

**The Scotch Eggs in the pic below have been baked – you can see the outside isn’t quite as brown as the pic above which we’re fried (ploughmans lunch). **

How runny do you like your gluten free scotch eggs?

“How do you like your eggs in the morning….” Singing away here haha 🙂

In my recipe, I recommend boiling the water, adding the eggs and leaving for 5 mins.

  • If you cut into the scotch eggs shortly after they’ve been removed from the oven, it will produce a runny yolk but set white, like all of my pictures.
  • If you leave them to cool, uncut, you will have a slightly less runny yolk.

If you hate any sign of a runny yolk or you’re a bit nervous about peeling the boiled eggs, go for 5 mins 30 of cooking time. I’d never recommend longer than this, as the egg yolk may go a little chalky and no one wants a chalky yolk!!

Gluten Free Scotch Eggs

My gluten, dairy free scotch eggs are a small slice of heaven. You’ll never buy one from the shop again! One question – with your packed lunch or with chips for dinner?!
Prep Time10 minutes
Cook Time25 minutes
Total Time35 minutes
Servings: 3 very large scotch eggs
Course: Main Course, Side Dish, Snack
Cuisine: english
Keyword: coeliac, gluten free, gluten free scotch egg, scotch egg


  • 5 eggs - this includes 1 spare incase there are any accidents when you peel off the shell!
  • 6 gluten free sausages - about 400g
  • 2 slices gluten free bread
  • 1 beaten egg - optional –
  • Sprinkle of any gluten free flour - plain/self raising – won't make any difference.

Optional – use if you're frying

  • Enough oil to fill your wok/saucepan to about 1 inch high - I use sunflower oil


Prep these 4 Bowls/Plates

  • BOWL 1: Take the sausage meat out of the skins.
    >Best way to do this is to run a knife along the sausage to break the skin & squeeze it out. Mix together in a bowl to combine into a smoother mixture. Don't worry if you end up leaving a bit of skin in the mix.
  • BOWL 2: Toast the 2 slices of bread until lightly browned and blend until its in fine breadcrumbs. Place into a bowl for later.
  • BOWL 3: Take 1 egg. Break into a bowl and beat. This is to stick the breadcrumbs to the outside of the scotch egg.
  • BOWL 4: Sprinkle some flour over a work surface/in a bowl. This is to coat your eggs in later, to help the sausage meat stick.

Prep the Eggs

  • Boil a large pan of water. Once boiling, use a spoon to carefully lower 4 of the eggs into the pan one by one. Reduce to a simmer for exactly 5 minutes.
  •  Whilst the eggs are boiling, fill a large bowl with freezing cold water
    >Put some ice in the bowl if you've got some handy!
  • Once the 5 minutes are up, quickly and carefully remove each egg from the pan and place into the cold water to stop them cooking.
  • Once cold, remove them one at a time from the water & peel off the shell.
    >Here's how I do that (discovered this by a happy accident!):
    (a) *lightly* tap the egg on the side of a bowl so the shell cracks a little. 
    (b) peel the shell off the top of the egg and as close to the bottom as you can, without breaking it.
    (c) quite often, its hard to peel the bottom off! Here's my trick… turn your tap on a little. Hold the egg under the water, so it flows between the remaining shell and the egg white. The egg will pop out! If that doesn't happen, break off a little more shell and try again. 
    >If any eggs do break, its best you don't use them because the yolk will probably break in the oven & leak out of the scotch egg. Save them as a snack for later!

Construction Time!

  • Divide the sausage meat into 3 piles.
  • Roll the eggs in the sprinkle of flour you have already prepared so they get a light dusting. This helps the sausage meat to stick.
  • We're now going to cover the first egg with sausage meat! Easiest way I've found to do it:
    (a) Take 1 pile of meat and split it into 1/3 and 2/3s (roughly).
    (b) Take the 2/3s and pat into a burger shape. Place the egg on top. It should look something like my picture. 
    (c) Place the remaining 1/3 of sausage meat on top of the egg. Cup your hand and join up the meat so it covers the entire egg.
    (d) Repeat for the other 2 eggs.
  • Take 1 of the scotch eggs, roll in the beaten egg and then roll in the breadcrumbs. Repeat for the other scotch eggs.

Cooking Time

  • Two options:
    1) BAKING: Place the scotch eggs on a baking tray lined with baking paper & into the oven at 180oC for 25-30mins.
    (a) Heat a saucepan/wok with 1 inch of oil until its warm (takes about 5 mins on a medium heat to get warm enough).
    (b) Carefully lower each scotch egg into the pan. It should slightly sizzle but not spit everywhere!!
    (c) Leave for 10 seconds, then roll over and leave for another 10 seconds.
    (d) Repeat until the outside of the scotch egg has totally browned (to the colour you want the finished egg to be! It won't brown much more in the oven).
    (e) Transfer to a baking tray and place into the oven for 10mins at 180oC.
  • Remove from the oven and eat!!!


Read the tips in section just above the recipe called “how runny would you like your gluten free scotch eggs?” to make sure you nail it exactly how you’d like it!
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  • Samantha Naicker

    20th October 2018 at 7:32 pm

    What seasonings do you use?

  • Jessica Galsworthy

    20th October 2018 at 7:42 pm

    I actually didn’t usually any seasoning in the mix as the sausages already had a lot in. I added some sea salt & pepper to the yolks after I’d cut them! But if you’re using plain sausages, I’d recommend added rosemary, salt and pepper. And maybe a bit of chilli if you like it!

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