Sainsbury’s: reasons to go!

20th August 2018
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Never go to Sainsburys? I didn’t used to either, but having seen so many great Sainsbury’s own products on Instagram, I thought I better go and check it out! The gluten free section was huge but I also found loads of bits hiding in the “normal” aisles.

I’ve included all my favourite finds below!

*All products are gluten free as of the Sept 2019 but always check when in store incase a recipe has changed.*



Couldn’t find it anywhere to get a pic but heres the link! gluten, dairy free crispy beef… see it to believe it haha

1. LOVE YOUR VEG range – meatballs, sausages & burgers all mixed with veg and most of which are gluten & dairy free. Some yummy sounding flavours like Spicy Korean Beef Meatballs with edamame & Pak Choi

2. LAMB TAGINE with a fruity Moroccan sauce – the sort of thing you never pick up as it always has wheat in! How good does this sound!

4. MY GOODNESS – healthy ready meals, perfect for work too. Found the ‘Hot & Sour King Prawn Noodle Bowl’ and the ‘Chicken & Prawn Paella’ were both gluten & dairy free.

5. LEMON CHICKEN SAUCE – homemade Chinese, coming up

6. DELI FILLERS – thought these would be good for work? Sandwich or on a jacket potato?

8. ONION BHAJIS & CURRY SAUCES & Flavoured Poppadoms – he jars of sauce were 65p! How good is that!! Curry night coming up.

9. RICE CAKES – most of the rice cakes in their normal section are gf, including the flavoured ones which is rare!

10. CAKE FROSTING & DECORATIONS! They have one of the BEST ranges out there, from gf frostings to cake toppers and amazing cupcake cases ?

11. NORMAL AISLE PASTA – buckwheat – acquired taste but I’ve come to love it!


1. READY MEALS – massive choice. the 3 newbies are in the pics below.

2. COCO POPS – 4 new products, including coco pops & honey loops. Yes please!

3. PROMISE range – only available in Sainsburys & therefore a very good reason to make the trip there alone. Loaves, finger rolls and brioches. Yum yum yum

4. WHITE CHOCOLATE – think I’m right in saying this is one of very few dairy free white choc bars. They even have buttons!! I’m a massive chocoholic so this is an amazing find for me!

5. ROCKY ROAD – tried these in Wholefoods and they are delicious so its really good to know I can get them from Sainsburys! Also egg free & vegan.

6. CAKE RANGE – couldn’t believe how many gf df cakes they had. This is only a small selection!

7. MACARONI – seeing a different shape pasta got me all excited haha

8. RICE PORRIDGE – great alternative to oats but can be difficult to hunt down so it’s great to know you can get it in Sainsburys!

9. WHOLE CREATIONS PIZZA (freezer) – haven’t seen this in any other supermarkets. Looks delicious & packed with toppings.

10. CLUSTERS!! So so so good

11. CHICKEN DIPPERS!! Like when you were little ?


Hope there’s some new bits in there for you!



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