Asda: We all love a new find… I’ve got 15!!!

13th August 2018
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Now you all know I love Asda, and its not only because they have the best brownie mix! I think they have the one of the widest ranges of gluten/dairy free goodies at very affordable prices and they’ve shown that once again today.

Here are some new bits I found – from cheesecake to chickpeas! All of products are gluten AND dairy free. All are own brand products.

Incase you missed it…

Asda cuts prices of essential Free From lines to become the cheapest on the market:

8 in the “Normal” aisles:

  1. MICROWAVE RICE POUCHES – half the price of Uncle Bens & Tilda at 50p. Not all were gf/df but these 3 were. Perfect for work.
  2. CURRIED CHICKPEAS – great for work too!
  3. HAM HOCK spiced apple glaze – i’d never have even thought to look at this as they usually use flour as a thickener!! no artificial flavours either
  4. LAMB SHANK with red wine & rosemary gravy – wouldn’t have thought to look at this either!
  5. BBQ RANGE – with only a couple of exceptions, the majority of their range was gf & df and looked delicious. Know where i’m going for my next BBQ!
  6. CHIPOTLE PASTE & MEXICAN MEAL MAKER – a homemade chipotle bowl might be coming up 😉
  7. CAJUN SEASONING – well under half the price of Schwartz at only 70p. Cajun prawns tonight!
  8. THAI CURRY SAUCE – you’d have thought these would contain milk in, but nope, good to go! Only £1.45 for a massive jar.

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7 in the Free From section:

  1. LEMON CHEESECAKE – (freezer section). I know, gluten dairy egg free cheesecake! wahooooo. My mouth is watering just writing this.
  2. FAJITA KIT – bargain at £3 vs old el-paso at £4.50 for basically the same ingredients. Wasn’t market as df but could see any dairy ingredients!
  3. FLOUR MIXES – I’m a big big fan of the brownie mix & now they’ve got a pastry, batter and chocolate cake mix too!
  4. CHOCOLATE COOKIE SANDWICH KIT – I mean, how can you resist? Just add butter & water. Sprinkles are supplied!
  5. SYRUP SPONGE PUDDING – might be a bit naughty but I did used to like microwave puds before my diagnosis. Hopefully this newbie will fill the hole!
  6. JAR SAUCE – think the Korma is new? Looked good and was the same price as “normal” sauces.
  7. ASDA POT NOODLE – roll back to £1 – cant go wrong! Had 3 different flavours, all gf & df and pretty much all green traffic lights on the front.

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Hope there’s some new bits in there for you!

Jess x

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