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9th October 2019
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I thought it would be useful to put together a quick guide of snacks you can buy when you’re out and about.

Can’t believe how expensive it can be to pick up snacks when you’e gluten free!!! So, I’ve included a list of the items that are under £1 in each location too.

Hopefully you’ll find something that can replace that squashed up cereal bar in the bottom of your bag!

*prices and allergens correct as of 9/10/19 but please check when you’re in store incase something has changed*

Holland & Barrett – my stars!!!!!

My favsssss because 1) they have a massive selection and 2) they were (by far) the cheapest. And they’re everywhere so hopefully you’ve got one near you!

£1 and under:

  • Nakd bars: 50p-99p
  • Eat Natural bars: 99p (Some contain milk)
  • Trek bars: 59p-£1.19 (contain milk)
  • Doves farm cereal bars: 69p
  • Deliciously Ella energy balls: 69p
  • Go Bites: £1
  • Raw halo chocolate: 99p
  • Nomo chocolate: 99p
  • Yoyo bears: 39-75p
  • Nakd raisins: 49p
  • Ape Puffs crisps: 99p
  • Natures Valley protein bars: 69p-99p (contain milk)
  • Soya & Chickpea popped bites (crisps like popchips): 49p
  • Fruit and Nut bag: 69p
  • Pip & Nut squeeze pouch: 99p
  • Milkshakes (soya): 59-79p
  • Eat Real crisps: 85p


Pricey but fab selection.

£1 and under:

  • Rhythm Biscuits: £1
  • Eat Natural bars: £99p
  • Trek bars: 99p (contains milk)
  • Various yoghurts: start at 75p (contains milk)
  • Babybell: (lactose free)
  • Shapers crisps: 65p (some contain gluten & milk so check!)
  • Popchips: 89p
  • Propercorn Popcorn: 89p

Over £1:

  • Fruit: all different prices, starting at £1.20
  • Carrot & Hummus: not sure on price but gluten and dairy free!
  • Salted Caramel Crunch bar: £1.20 (contains milk)
  • Deliciously Ella’s range
  • Livias range


Just writing about the “express” stores or the “grab-and-go” section in the bigger stores. You can actually find quite a few bits. Most of the supermarkets had a very similar selection so I haven’t really included brands here.

£1 and under:

  • Catherdral cheese bar: 65p (contains milk)
  • Egg pot: £1
  • Carrot and Hummus: £1
  • Plain Chicken Protein Pot (Asda): £1 (careful with the flavoured ones, some of them contained gluten)
  • Fruit Pots: £1
  • Crisps: loads of prices but often under £1

Outside of that price range, most had a “chicken and dip” type of snack (like the piri piri one below) for £1.50-2.


Sometimes it has to be done right?! And a warm snack usually fills me up more (don’t ask why…probably all in my head!).

£1 and under:

  • Cheeky bag of chips – 89p
  • Hash browns if your snack craving is pre 11am – 89p
  • Fruit bags/ carrot sticks – 79p
  • Cheeseburger/hamburger for 99/89p (which without the bun, could definitely qualify as “snack sized”).

You could even get some veggie goujons but you’ll have to fork out a little more than £1 for those!

Make sure you ask your local Mcdonald’s whether there’s any cross contamination risk, i.e. if they use these fryers to cook anything with gluten.


** adding this one next!! **


£1 and under:

  • Dark and Milk chocolate bars: 99p (‘may contain milk’)
  • Crisps: 99p (most are ‘may contain milk’)
  • Squeezy Almond Butter: 99p
  • Popcorn: 99p

Over £1:

  • Lemon drizzle cake: £1.75 (contains milk)
  • Nuts, Fruit & Chocolate: £1.45 (contains milk)
  • Yoghurt Cranberries: £1.20 (contain milk)
  • Coconut/Almond butter bites: £1.45 (‘may contain milk’)
  • Dried Mango: £1.45
  • Naked Nuts: £1.20
  • Dark Chocolate Salted Almonds: £1.45 (may contain milk)
  • Egg Pots: £1.75
  • Fruit Pots: From £2.35 to £2.99
  • Dark Choc Corn rice cakes: £1.50 (may contain milk)
  • Popcorn and Nut Bars: £1.60

They also have a LOT of other pots, from granola and bircher myself to chocolate mousse. Prices are generally over £2 and the product range changes a lot so worth checking when you’re in store!


A very frustrating place!! Ingredients on al labels are sellotaped down, prices are missing on most things & don’t get me started about the fact they use gluten-containing oat milk…

Barely any choice but here goes

£1 and under:

  • Gold coin: 75p (contains milk)

Over £1:

  • Kettle crisps: £1.10
  • Fruit
  • Peanut and cashew bar: £1.80 (may contain milk)
  • Marsh and Mallow bars: £2
  • Deliciously Ella balls: £2.20


Wide selection. Everything from cereal bars (nakd, Kind, Larabar, RX bar) to indivdual yoghurts (they even have dairy free – Alpro greek style for £1.40), Catherdal City cheese bars, fruit boxes and Livias nugglets. Not a lot for less than £1!

£1 or less:

  • Nakd bars: 99p
  • Bag of crisps/popcorn – most of which are £1.19 each or two for £1.50.

Over £1:

  • Alpro Greek yoghurt: £1.40
  • Livias nugglets: £1.89
  • Tortilla chips: £1.19
  • Love Corn: £1.29


£1 and under:

  • Prawn Crackers: 99p
  • Dark Choc Mini Rice Cakes: 99p

Over £1:

  • Edamame: £1.99
  • Little pots (choc/salted caramel desserts): £1.49
  • Raw chocolate pie bar: £1.99
  • “Desserts” (lemon zinger, choc mousse): £2.75 (contain milk)
  • Smoothies: £4.49!!
  • Rice Cakes: £1.59 (either contain milk/may contain)
  • Cocoa Butter Brownie Bar: £1.99 (contains milk)
  • Seaweed thins: £1.49
  • Beef Twerky: £2.99

*Warning: Choc & Plain Dried Edamame in packets at the till are ‘may contain gluten‘


Putting this here as a warning. They sell some rocky road and marshmellow bites that are labelled as gluten free but it’s my understanding that they are NOT COELIAC SAFE.


  • Kristen

    11th October 2019 at 4:36 pm

    Amazing list – thanks for putting this together!

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