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  • 17 New Gluten Free Products: 7th Sept 2022

    7th September 2022

    Schar Tarralli (lactose free) -I’ve tried these and they are AMAZING. Think soft breadstick hoops. Buttermilk Orange Segments (dairy free) – hello! I’ll be asking Santa for these 🙂 White Rabbit Risotto (dairy free) – White Rabbit products are expensive but I think they’re good quality and a nice treat. Asda Range – Asda have…

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  • Gluten Free Food in Asda’s Just Essentials Range

    30th August 2022

    I’ve seen loads of great reviews about Asda’s Just Essentials range so I thought I’d have a quick look through to see what’s gluten free and good news is …. there’s LOADS!!! All the meat and veg is obviously gluten free but here’s some of the bits you might not have thought to pick up:…

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  • 16 New Gluten Free Products: 4th August 2022

    4th August 2022

    Pizza Express toppings – chilli Prawn & ‘Nduja, Hoisin Duck, Zucchini and Ricotta (some dairy free) Sainsbury’s Free From Pesto & Vegetable Quiche (contains dairy) Tesco Maple Bbq Pork Loin Steaks With Smoky Glaze (dairy free) GU Cherry Panna Cotta (contains dairy) Elevensies – in Home Bargains (think they’re 59p!) (contains dairy) Whole Earth Drizzler…

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  • Our Favourite Gluten Free BBQ Products

    21st July 2022

    I’ve put together a list of our favourite gluten free bits for a BBQ – from buns to meat, sauces and sides. If you’re a little bit lost for where to start or looking for something new, hopefully this will help 🙂 Want some more info? Read my guide: “How to Stay Coeliac Safe at…

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  • Gluten Free Crisps Alternatives

    8th July 2022

    Gluten free and just found out you can’t have Pringles anymore? Also Wotsits, Quavers, Walkers and Monster Munch also off the cards too. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back! Here’s my guide to “Gluten Free Crisps Alternatives”… and if there’s any more I need to add, make sure you message me on Instagram! Want more…

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  • 22 New Gluten Free Products: 28th June 2022

    28th June 2022

    I’ve broken it into 3 this week: drinks, sweet and savoury. Hope there’s some new bits in there for you… DRINKS Dash Water Mango Infused Sparkling Waters (gf, df) – LOVE this water and haven’t tried this flavour yet. Pret Seltzers (gf, df) – can be difficult to get a drink in coffee shops (the…

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  • EASY Chewy Caramel Recipe (gluten free & dairy free option)

    23rd June 2022

    Welcome to my **FOOL-PROOF Chewy Caramel recipe: naturally gluten free & dairy free option too!!** Caramel is not easy if you don’t know what you’re doing… its can be veryyyy frustrating if you’re not following a good recipe. Trust me, I’ve tried about 1454933 million recipes online and most failed. I’m sure this was just…

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  • Gluten Free Skillet Cookie: Raspberry & White Chocolate!

    16th June 2022

    My Gluten Free Skillet Cookie recipe is EASY. You melt some butter, mix in some egg, sugar and flour and stick it in the oven. You’ll get crunchy edges, a soft gooey middle and the whole house will smell divine! Naturally dairy free too. Honestly you can’t go wrong!!! I think this classic raspberry and…

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