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  • NEW: The Ultimate Gluten Free Christmas Chocolate Guide 2020

    21st October 2020

    EASY GUIDE to Gluten Free Christmas Chocolates!! I wanted to make this as easy as possible to flick through this post and find out what is/isn’t gluten free, so I’ve divided it into 3 groups. Gluten free (contains dairy) Gluten Free (no dairy) Not gluten free! I’ve kept the supermarket own brand products out of…

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  • 18 New Gluten Free Products: 16th Oct 2020

    16th October 2020

    Marks and Spencer – new oven ready meals (gf, contain milk) Anyone placed an Ocado M&S order yet?! These will be added to the gf spring rolls, dim sum and tempura chicken next time I do ? Marks and Spencer – Cook with Chris Baber (some gf, df) – these sounds interesting! Bit expensive but…

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  • Gluten Free Bakewell Tarts: Perfect Every Time

    14th October 2020

    Why did I make Gluten Free Bakewell Tarts? Mr Kipling made me do it. Flaky shortcrust pastry with a thick layer of jam, a light almond sponge and a drizzle of icing. A cherry on top too obviously!! I was wandering around Sainsburys the other day, totally lost because they’ve moved EVERYTHING to different aisles…

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  • Gluten Free Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies

    9th October 2020

    My Gluten Free Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies!!! This recipe was just a bit of fun… I was playing around with my NYC Cookies recipe and these happened. Charlie said “I’m not just saying this, these are the best cookies you’ve ever made”. WOAAAHHH… so I made them again and again to make sure they were…

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  • Gluten Free Christmas: Sneaky look into the best bits available today!

    8th October 2020

    I know, its October so it would usually be too early to be writing about GLUTEN FREE CHRISTMAS PRODUCTS. But as I write this, we have 78 days until Christmas and given the strange old year we’ve had, I think we need the Christmas sparkle to arrive early this year. There’s already tons of gluten…

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  • My Favourite New Products from Aug & Sept 2020

    2nd October 2020

    Based on reviews from you lovely lot and my own taste testing, I’ve picked out my 12 favourite new products that were launched from August-September of 2020. If you want to see all of the “NEW PRODUCTS” I’ve had to pick from in that time, the links are all here: 8th Aug 2020 – Costa, Crumbles…

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  • Gluten Free Toffee Crisp Recipe

    29th September 2020

    My Gluten Free Toffee Crisp Recipe is finally here!!!!!!! And its a good-un. Forgotten what a Toffee Crisp is like? Well, the rice crispies have a chocolately caramel coating. Thats topped with a layer of chewy caramel and then its all dipped in your favourite chocolate. Heaven! Everyone that has had the honour of taste…

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  • 16 New Products: 29th September 2020

    29th September 2020

    Slightly different edition this week – we’ve got 14 new products, 2 new bits I wanted to flag to you… and then 2 warnings!!!! Lindt Hazelnut Chocolate or Dark Spread (gf, contains dairy) – available in Asda and getting amazing reviews. Can they bring out a dairy free one now pleaaaase?! Galaxy Truffles Hot Chocolate…

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