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  • Gluten Free Mini Egg Millionaire Shortbread

    3rd April 2023

    My classic Gluten Free Millionaire Shortbreads with an Easter twist… Mini Eggs!!! I’ve sprinkled mini eggs into a buttery & ever so slightly crumbly shortbread and topped it with a deliciously rich caramel. I’ve then topped it with chocolate and scatter with more Mini Eggs. You’d never, ever know it gluten free and its actually…

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  • 12 New Gluten Free Products: 23rd March 2023

    23rd March 2023

    Before we get going with this edition of “New Gluten Free Products”, thought I’d just quickly say that the majority of new products on the shelves right now are Easter related! If you’re after those, have a look at these 3 gluten free guides: Ok, lets go….! **There’s two warnings at the end of the…

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  • My Ultimate Gluten Free Mac & Cheese: easy recipe

    1st March 2023

    A delicious, easy recipe for this classic… gluten free Mac and Cheese! Gooey middle & crunchy top, quick to make and around £1.50 a portion including my favourite premium gluten free pasta, Garofalo!!! Are you sold?! Surely???! Ideas for sides, variations, dairy free options and top tips below. Dairy free? You do not need to…

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  • 25+ New Gluten Free Products: 20th Feb 2023

    20th February 2023

    Ahhhhh IT FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK!!! You might have noticed I’ve been offline for a few months but I am back and I had to kick it off with a “New Products” guide… Ocado – Garofalo Gluten Free Lasagne (gluten, dairy free) – this stuff is amazing. Doesn’t fall apart and can be reheated…

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  • How to make gluten free products cheaper: your most expensive things!

    15th November 2022

    Some gluten free products are reaaaaaaaaally expensive – bread, wraps, cereal etc. In this blog post, I’ve written tons of ways to (1) buy them cheaper and (2) reduce waste, which will in turn save you money. This blog post works in conjunction with my 21 Tips: How to Make Gluten Free Cheaper, which is…

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  • Gluten Free “Christmas” Foods We Can’t Normally Get

    11th November 2022

    It’s almost an acceptable time to start sharing my Christmas guides, but until then I thought I’d share this. It contains a list of foods that we can’t easily get hold of during the rest of the year but a gluten free version is released at Christmas so we should stock up now 🙂 For…

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  • The Ultimate Gluten Free Apple Crumble!! (with optional pools of fudge)

    8th November 2022

    My Gluten Free Apple Crumble recipe is finally here!!! This 4-ingredient recipe shows you how to make a really easy, classic apple crumble but totally gluten free. Its naturally dairy free too. There’s not a lot involved in a crumble – you just slice apples, coat them in sugar and then cover in a shortbread…

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  • 13 New Gluten Free Products: 26th Oct 2022

    28th October 2022

    Mcdonald’s Hash Brown Waffles (dairy free) – not only are these made of gluten free ingredients, but also I’m reliably informed by several managers at Mcdonald’s that they’re fried with gf foods so they’re safe!! Schar Flatbread (dairy free) – £2.50, quite a high price point but nice to have something different Schar Milk Slice…

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