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  • EASY Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Muffins – Bakery Style!

    3rd March 2021

    I can’t tell you how happy I am that I’ve finally nailed this Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Muffins Recipe! I used to LOVEEEE bakery style muffins. They differ from a cupcake in that they slightly crunchier top & larger crumb. They’re less delicate, don’t need decorating, often bigger in size and just mean business haha…

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  • Gluten Free Mac and Cheese Bites (dairy free option too)

    26th February 2021

    I’m rarely lost for words but I cannot find the words to explain how good these Gluten Free Mac and Cheese Bites are. You’re just going to have to make them and try for yourself!! Hopefully this picture will speak a 1000 words for me… Yep, divine. I have made GIANT Gluten Free Mac and…

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  • Gluten Free Coconut and Jam Cake: just like school

    17th February 2021

    I’ve been googling “90’s foods” and reliving my childhood, and I stumbled across this, so I had to make a gluten free version – here it is, my Gluten Free Coconut and Jam Cake. Its a deliciously fluffy sponge topped with strawberry jam and desiccated coconut. Whatsmore, its one of my easiest cakes on my…

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  • 4 Gluten Free Pancake Recipes

    15th February 2021

    I’ve got 4 delicious, easy, gluten free pancake recipes on my blog and I thought I’d put them all here for you to have a little look at and help you pick one! (1) MY ULTIMATE GLUTEN FREE AMERICAN PANCAKES What you need to know: Ingredients: bananas, eggs, gf self-raising flour Produces the chunkiest, fluffiest…

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  • Gluten Free Easter Eggs 2021

    12th February 2021

    I’ve broken this guide into 2 parts – (1) gluten free and (2) NOT gluten free. Each part is broken up into categories eg Cadburys, Mars, Terrys etc to hopefully make it easier to find something you fancy 🙂 Just incase its useful, we’ve got 3 gluten free guides to help this Easter: (1) Gluten…

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  • Gluten Free Pancake Traybake: Apple Crumble Flavour

    11th February 2021

    Right, before we get started on my Gluten Free Pancake Traybake recipe, I feel like you’re going to have some questions because yep, there’s a pancake under there!!!! (1) What is a “pancake traybake”? With my gluten free pancake traybake, you can make one massive pancake (any flavours you like), shove it in the oven…

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  • Gluten Free Jammy Dodger Cupcakes: Easy & Delicious!

    10th February 2021

    Gluten Free Jammy Dodger Cupcakes – because my all time fave things are Victoria sponge and shortbreads. Combine the two and you have the BEST cupcakes ever – a light & fluffy sponge piped with velvetty buttercream and then topped with deliciously jammy dodgers. HEAVEN. No clue why I’ve made it look like I’m going…

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  • 19 New Gluten Free Products: 8th Feb 2021

    8th February 2021

    Sainsburys Cheese and Bacon Potato Skins (gf, contains dairy) – I think they have these around Christmas time? But never seen them stocked in the “normal” section all year round so that exciting 🙂 Plant Pioneers No Cheez Sauce (gf, df) – I’ve tried a few vegan “cheese” sauces and haven’t been impressed so I’m…

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