Gluten Free “Christmas” Foods We Can’t Normally Get

11th November 2022

It’s almost an acceptable time to start sharing my Christmas guides, but until then I thought I’d share this. It contains a list of foods that aren’t necessarily “Christmassy” but only get released at Christmas so we should stock up now 🙂 For example, lots of nibbly bits come out at this time of the year and it can be hard to find gluten free options at other times.

So, ignore the Christmas packaging and fill your boots guys!!


There’s so many chocolates that we can’t have all year round that I’ve written a whole blog post. Click here to read it

M&S Party Food

  • Sticky Asian Lollipops
  • BBQ Pork Squares
  • Mini Kyivs (available all year in the freezer but they have fresh ones at Christmas)
  • Cheese and Bacon potato skins

Sainsburys Party Food

Recommending these because they’re a bit different from other supermarkets offerings

  • Truffle Pigs in Blankets
  • Caramelised Pigs in Blankets

Asda Party Food

Tesco Party Food

  • Pork & Truffle Bon Bons
  • Ham and Cheese Croquettes
  • Breaded Cheese Selection
  • Katsu Prawns
  • Cod and Chorizo Bites
  • Cheese Bites


The supermarkets tend to bring out some different flavours of crackers so keep you eye out in whichever supermarket you shop in to see what they’ve got!

Bread Sauce

Morrisons Cake

This gets amazing reviews every year but its only available at Christmas so try it now!!

Cheesy Cranberry Bites – Iceland

Think these are new for 2022 and already getting great reviews

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