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  • 5 Gluten Free Pasta Tips & My 5 Favourite Recipes

    16th July 2020

    Pasta is life. But along with holey bread, gluten free pasta is one of those things that can be a bit mehhh, right?! Here are some quick tips & recipes to ensure you never have that feeling again 😉 * 5 Gluten Free Pasta Tips * to help you cook it perfectly!! (1) Use DOUBLE…

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  • Hosting a Gluten Free Guest: a letter to someone who’s cooking for you

    14th July 2020

    I’ve written a little letter to anyone hosting a gluten free guest. It runs through all of the basic things the host needs to know, to ensure the guest is safe and well 🙂 If you’re coeliac, I’m hoping I’ve written it in such a way that you feel completely comfortable in sending this to…

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  • My Gluten Free Weekly Meal Plan (2)

    9th July 2020

    Welcome back to my gluten free weekly meal plan – this is the 2nd edition (click here for the 1st edition)! Hopefully it will give you a few ideas for meals you might want to add to your own menus 🙂 Its our genuine meal plan so there are a few of the same bits…

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  • Gluten Free Mars Bar

    9th July 2020

    AHHHHHHHH **Gluten Free Mars Bar**!! I finally did it!!! 2 years in the making but we’ve finally got a fluffy, slightly chocolatey nougat topped with a delicious sticky caramel & coated in my favourite chocolate. I asked all my lovely followers on Instagram for a name and my fave has to be “Venus Bar –…

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  • 12 New Gluten Free Products – 6th July 2020

    6th July 2020

    There are very few “free from” products in this edition… most from the normal aisle!! B&M Galaxy Spread – I mean, helloooo! Where have you been all my life?! Remember the Twix spread is gf too if you can track any down. Heinz Flavoured Mayos – I’m a big mayo fan and I know you…

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  • 10 Quick Lunch Ideas

    1st July 2020

    Tried to keep this short and sweet because this is not so much recipes, its more just quick lunch ideas! They’re all things we have on a very regular basis. Let me know what you think 🙂 (1) Baked Wrap. Had to be number 1 because I eat this at least twice a week (who…

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  • Gluten Free Onion Rings

    27th June 2020

    So, why did I decide to make some gluten free onion rings? Well, until my coeliac diagnosis, I was never an onion ring lover because the ones I had tried were either from the freezer or the overly greasy restaurant kind. However, as all coeliacs do, I headed to a well known London-based burger chain…

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  • My Gluten Free Weekly Meal Plan

    24th June 2020

    Afternoon all you lovely lot! As requested, I’ve written up my gluten free meal plan for Charlie and I this week. The eagle eyed amongst you will notice there is 8 days of meals planned, not 7… so its technically my weekly + 1 plan. I like to sneak an extra one in there incase…

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