14 New Gluten Free Products: 23rd June 2020

23rd June 2020
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Ok, there’s definitely more than 14 new gluten free products here but I’ve grouped some of them into sections so I don’t bombard you!

Hope you find a few exciting bits. Enjoy!!

Marks RAINBOW Colin the Caterpillers! – How cute are these!! pic courtesy of @_well_this_is_new

New Gluten Free Products

Leon GFC Nuggets – thank heavens. Leon have released LOADS of products to the supermarkets recently but these and the waffle fries have a special place in my heart. Available in the freezer section of Sainsburys.

New Gluten Free Products

ASDA Gluten Free Breaded Cod Fillets – in the normal aisles. Fish and chips, coming up!

New Gluten Free Products

Heck Frozen Sausages – since when did these exist?! Love Heck sausages ๐Ÿ˜›

New Gluten Free Products

Tesco Mediterranean Inspired Chicken Meatballs – sound delish!

3 NEW Kirsty’s products: Flatbread Pizza, Luxury Carrot Cake and Decadent Chocolate Torte. Woaaahh, “I’ll have Carrot Cake to start, then pizza, then torte, thank you!”

New Gluten Free Products

Eat Real Cheezie Straws – these aren’t new but they’re definitely new to me and new to loads of supermarkets so thought it was worth flagging! Love this brand – the hummus chips are insane!!

New Gluten Free Products

Morrisons Free From Giant Chocolate Buttons – this post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t find a new chocolate or two!!

New Gluten Free Products

Morrisons Free From Strawberry Ice Cream Cones & Chocolate & Nut Ice Cream Cones – got to love a “Cornetto” style ice cream. Actually got loads of choice in my gluten free ice cream guide.

Morrisons Free From Falafel Mix & Vegan Burger Mix – both sound delish! Always be careful with Morrisons “free from vegan products” as quite a few of them aren’t gluten free, but these are!!

Morrisons Free From Original & Golden Syrup Porridge – AMAZING to see a gluten and milk free instant porridge (they nearly always contain milk…booo!!!). Really good on the go brekkie or for packing in your suitcase when we’re finally allowed to go somewhere! ๐Ÿ™‚

Sainsburys Brioche Burger Buns and Hotdog – bbqs at the ready!

Asda’s New Meats (apologies for the shocking photos, weirdly they’re like that on Asda’s website!!)

  • Simple to Cook Honey & Mustard Gammon Joint
  • Butcher’s Selection Chicken Burgers
  • Butcher’s Selection Sweet Chilli Pork Loin Steaks
  • Simple to Cook Buffalo Chicken Wings
  • Butcher’s Selection 6 Chilli & Coriander Lamb Kebabs
  • Butcher’s Selection 8 Minted Lamb Kofta Kebabs

ASDA Extra Special Free From Salted Honeycomb & Raspberry Milk Choc Bar – second choc bar of the post and this one sounds a bit special

New Gluten Free Products

Want some more new finds? Here’s the previous editions! (I write them every 2 weeks so these are still pretty new ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • 1st Edition – new cereal, bread, chocolate and pasta sauces
  • 2nd Edition – e.g. new “pot noodles”, Eric the caterpillar and tempura chicken
  • 3rd Edition – e.g. new peanut butters, bbq meat/vegan options, cereal bars and Cote at Home

Or are you after some more product type posts? Here’s my absolute faves:

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