10 New Gluten Free Products: 8th June 2020

8th June 2020
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When I started writing these “New Gluten Free Products” posts, I thought I could only publish them once a month because I couldn’t imagine they’d be enough products to most more frequently… I was very wrong!!

I reckon I could write one a week but I’m keeping it to every other week so I can pick the best of the new bits to show you!!

After the last editions of my “New Products” blog posts? Here: 1st Edition, 2nd Edition

Leons new menu!! So many good gluten, dairy free bits including Satay or Cheese loaded waffle fries. No clue which one I’d want to go for first. Can I have both at the same time?!

Livia’s Dunx Nut Butters – you’ll struggle to get hold of them but if you can, I’m sure you wont be disappointed!!!

Cote at Home – I love Cote for delicous, coeliac safe (actually Coeliac UK accredited) food and a HUGE menu. Now they’ve bought out an at home range and I am so excited to get my hands on some!!!

Kellogs Cereal Bars – Always welcome a new, good gluten free cereal bar to the market. And loving the fact its Kellogs which is usually a no-go.

Waitrose BBQ range – this is just a small selection of their products but theres tons, for veggies, vegans and meat eaters alike.

Morrisons Bubble & Squeak Cakes – How amazing do they sound?! I’m feeling some bubble and squeak with my next fry up

Prodigy Chocolate Bars – hearing a LOT of good things about these. Vegan too. I’ve got some of the peanut caramel bars coming my way so I’ll let you know what I think! Here’s their site.

Kopparberg light – several flavours inc passionfruit. One for the cider fans!

Eat Natural Protein Packed With Choc & Orange – no new cereal bars for ages and now several come at once. I’m not sure these 3 bars would last very long in our cupboard – I mean choc & orange for brekkie!!

Kind Breakfast Peanut Butter Bars – anything with PB and I’m sold.

Hope you liked this weeks edition of “New Gluten Free Products!”

Want the last 2 versions? 🙂 1st Edition, 2nd Edition

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