12 *Everyday Products* you might not expect to be Gluten Free

18th May 2020
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This blog post is dedicated to the essential, every day gluten free products that fill the nations trolleys every week, but that you might not know are gluten free.

PS. If you were hoping for “Hidden Gems”, i.e. not the every day stuff but the more special items like crispy chilli beef, click here!

As always, make sure you check the items in the store yourself incase the recipe has changed.

The 12 Everyday Products* you might not expect to be Gluten Free

(1) Heinz Baked Beans & Pork Sausages – yep, who would have thought it!?

(2) Mcdonald’s Fries – an essential, right?! (always check with your store just incase theres any cc issues but I’m yet to come across a problem)

(3) Nutella – can’t do without it, definitely belongs in the “essential shop” 😉 Bonus info – Twix spread is gluten free too!

(4) Potato Waffles – tons of popular brands of products are gluten free. Always thought they’d have some kind of flour to bind them, but nope!

*Please note: Mccains have recently added a “may contain” to their hash browns but most own brands are fine

(5) Poppadums – most are predominately chickpea flour and so they’re perfectly safe! Double check flavoured versions and don’t buy Sharwoods (may contain).

(6) Tortilla/Corn Chips – I’m talking the proper nacho kind (not Doritos, which aren’t gluten free)! Most are just made of corn which is gluten free

(7) Alternative pastas in the normal aisle – rice, pea, lentil. Also vey cheap

(8) Dried Rice Noodles – careful with some of the fresh/flavoured ones but I’ve never found any plain, dried that aren’t good to go!

Coeliac Safe, But Not Gluten Free

No idea what I’m talking about there? Ok… long story short, if the level of gluten in any product is less than 20 parts per million, Coeliac UK deem it safe for us. Technically, the product still contains gluten but its so so tiny that its only a problem for people with a totally separate, severe allergy to the grain (either barley, rye, oats wheat, or spelt).

The products below all fit within that category. They all contain barley, so they’re not suitable if you have a severe barley allergy, but they’re Coeliac Safe.

*RECENT CHANGE: Just to make this more complicated, Coeliac UK recently removed all of the following items from their approved list on the Scanner App. This was done as a move to force these companies to improve their labelling. They want everyone to add a “gluten free” label to products that have less than 20ppm of gluten to make it easier for all of us. Their stance on barley malt vinegar/extract has not changed, so providing the recipes below have not changed, these products will still be safe but the only way to know that for sure is to contact the company itself. Annoying.

(9) Lee Perins – revelation, I know!! Your Bolognese will now be next level.

is lee perins gluten free
everyday gluten free products
coeliac safe

(10) Bisto Best Gravy – always confuses everyone but its true!

is bisto best gluten free
everyday gluten free products
coeliac safe

(11) Branston Pickle – woaaahhhh, life changing stuff 😉 (check the size bottle you buy – i’m told some of the little ones arent safe but the big ones are!)

is branston pickle gluten free
everyday gluten free products
coeliac safe

(12) Sarsons Malt Vinegar – fish and chips is calling!!!

is sarsons vinegar gluten free
everyday gluten free products
coeliac safe

**Want to know more about the whole barley thing? Click here**

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