10 NEW Gluten Free Products: 5th May 2020

5th May 2020
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My Instagram Feed is usually FULLLLLL of new gluten free products but, obviously, at the moment its gone a little quiet. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any new gluten free products hitting the shelves though.

Here’s a quick round up of bits I’ve seen recently:

(1) Rhythm 108 Milk & Hazelnut Truffle Chocolate Bars. £3.60

Gluten free, vegan. If its anything like their Easter Truffle Eggs, it will be heavenly.

(2) Nomo Hazelnot Crunch. £2

Gluten, dairy, egg, nut free. Available via their store, Morrisons (as of tomorrow) and Asda. Can’t go wrong with NOMO. Ever. Even for breakfast.

(3) Asda Rainbow Hoops Cereal. £1.80

Gluten, dairy free. The colours aren’t that “rainbowy” but nice to have a new product all the same 🙂 and they really do taste delish!! Click here to see it.

(4) Warburtons Toastie Loaf. £2.25

Gluten, wheat and milk free. In Sainsbury’s. Got to love a new gluten free bread.

(5) Dolmio Plant Based Bolognese Pouches. £1.50

Gluten, dairy free. Something a bit different 🙂 yet to get my hands on these so if you do, let me know what they’re like

Two flavours available. (a) Tomato sauce with plant protein (from soya), basil & carrots (b) Tomato sauce with plant protein (from soya), chilli, sweet peppers & beans

(6) Skittles Giants. £1.35

3x bigger than the regular ones!!! Also a little bit obsessed with the new skittles smoothie flavours.

(7) Dairy Milk Dark Milk

2 new flavours hitting the shelves – Salted Caramel & Roasted Almond. Dreaaaamy.

(8) Creative Nature Gnawbles. £1.59 ish

Bought via their own website in bulk, Amazon or avaliable in Vegan Kind individually.

(9) Sainsburys “Summer Edition” Range

The pics below are all gluten, dairy free!! Bring on the summer BBQs!! Cannot wait to have all my family over for a bbq in our new house. Doggies too ?

(10) Want some more product ideas?

3 posts that will give you lots of ideas!


  • Claire

    18th August 2020 at 4:25 pm

    I’m also lactose intolerant are there any new products which are both?

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