Gluten Free Fish and Chips ft. Skinny Lager

11th May 2020
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**3 massive reasons why I wanted to create this gluten free fish and chips recipe:**

(1) All the fish and chip shops around me are currently closed and to be honest, it’s a nightmare to get a gluten free version anyway (unless you’re happy with a random Tuesday night takeaway?!)

(2) I was sat drinking Skinny Lager and thought this would make the BEST gluten free fish batter because its so light and tasty

(3) Its Coeliac Awareness Week so what better time to show you how easy it is to make this all-time classic!!!

gluten free fish and chips beer batter


4 basic ingredients – gluten free flour (self raising or plain + baking powder), potatoes, fish and Skinny Lager.

Thought I might give you a little more info about the last one…

Skinny Lager:

  • The facts: Skinny Lager is Coeliac Certified. It is only 89 Calories per bottle which is 35% fewer calories than other premium lagers. As well as Skinny Lager being Gluten Free, they are Vegan Certified and Kosher friendly too.
  • The lightness of the lager creates the BEST batter. Not only is it my fav gluten free lager to drink, but now it’s also my fav to cook with!! Genuinely, I’ve tried a few different options, and nothing created a batter quite a light and tasty as this.
  • A true story you need to know! My boyfriend is not gluten free. He only shares my gluten free food when having gluten-full version in the house could cause cc nightmares in our kitchen – breadcrumbs for example. When it comes to beer, I’d be completely cool with him having a “normal”, gluten full version in the house because the odds of it causing any issues for me is minimal. YET HE DECIDED TO DRINK SKINNY LAGER. That is how good it is!!
  • Want to buy some: Available in Asda, Tesco, Ocado, Morrisons and Amazon

I find its best to get them on Amazon ? click here!!

What pan should I use to fry my gluten free fish & chips in?

You want the deepest, widest pan you can get your hands on. I use a large Wok or saucepan. It needs to fit at least a litre of oil. Ideally, it needs to be at most 2/3rds full – it spits and bubbles so its safer this way.

I haven’t got a thermometer – can I still make this?

You sure can! It definitely is easier with a thermometer (and you can pick them up for not a lot of money so I’d really recommend you do!!) but you can make do without.

To test the temperature:

  • For 140Oc – first time you fry the chips: Takes about 5 mins on a medium/high temperature for 1 litre of oil to get to140Oc. You’re looking for a little sizzle when you put one in to test it. When cooking them, if you haven’t got a thermometer Id suggest you keep an eye on their colour, rather than my time guidance. Don’t worry too much – chips can be very forgiving!
  • For 180oC – fish and second time you fry the chips: Takes about 3-5mins at a medium temperature to increase from 140-180Oc. Drop a tsp of batter into the oil – you’re looking for a sizzle again – slightly more aggressive than last time but the batter shouldn’t go brown within a few seconds of being in the oil. If it does, turn down the heat a little and wait a few mins.

Just so you know: if your oil isn’t hot enough, the food will soak it up more and the batter/chips won’t be quite as crispy. Not the end of the world but not ideal either! If your oil is too hot, it’ll all crisp up verrryyy quickly. Doesn’t matter so much for the chips as you can just reduce cooking time – when you boiled them, they would have cooked through to the middle anyway. However, you’ll still need the same cooking time for the fish to cook through, so that batter might crisp up a little more than you’d like!

Any other tips & tricks?

1. Don’t try to make your batter ahead of time. Follow the steps carefully and make the batter minutes before you’re about to cook your fish. Why? (1) you don’t want the lager to go flat and (2) if you leave this batter to sit, it starts to separate a little so you’ll have to get your whisk out again anyway!

2. Use a timer on your phone/watch to help you keep an eye on all of the times suggested in this recipe. 3 mins can go by quickly!!

3. My fav potatoes for the job: Maris Piper or King Edward.

4. There’s loads more help in my recipe – see all the bits in italics

Homemade Gluten Free Fish and Chips ft. Skinny Lager

*Please see my insta highlight called “fish and chips”for cook-a-long recipe videos*
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time20 mins
Servings: 2 people
Course: dinner, Main Course
Cuisine: english
Keyword: gluten free fish and chips, gluten free mains


  • 4 medium sized potatoes - my fav: Maris Piper & King Edward
  • 2 pieces of fish - ideally similar shaped from the top to the bottom (not thin at one end!)
  • 1-2 litres of sunflower oil
  • 1 bottle of Skinny Lager
  • 225g gluten free self-raising flour & an extra bit for dusting - or use plain flour & 1.5tsp baking powder


Twice cook the chips

  • Peel your potatoes. Cut into chip shapes – about 1cm square.
    >Ideally, you want them to be all roughly the same thickness so they cook evenly.
  • Rinse in a colander to remove any excess starch.
  • Add to a pan of cold water. Bring to the boil and leave boiling for 3 mins.
  • Drain. Place on some kitchen towel to remove the excess water. Allow the chips to cool to room temperature.
    >5 mins should be enough time
  • Whilst they’re cooling, heat a pan of oil to 140oC
    >See “what pan should I use?” & “Haven’t got a thermometer?” above for tips
  • Once it has reached temperature, place a handful of chips in the pan at a time. Cook for 3-4mins and then remove with a slotted spoon & place on some kitchen roll
    >You’re looking for the chips to form a shell/crust on the outside, but they shouldn’t be browning. Like this picture…
  • Repeat this for all your chips.
  • Set aside whilst you start on your fish…

Cook the fish

  • Place the beer and flour into a large bowl. Whisk until reaaally smooth.
    >I prefer to do this with an electric whisk to get as much air into the mix as possible, but you could use a hand whisk too!
  • Make sure you get right to the bottom of the mixing bowl as the flour tends to sneakily sit there.
  • Scatter some flour on a plate/your worksurface. Place the fish onto the flour, making sure it gets a light dusting all over. Flip and dust the other side too.
  • This helps the batter to stick.
  • Turn the oil up to 180oC-190oC.
  • I like to leave it at around 185oC for a few mins before moving onto the next step. This is to make sure its at a consistent temperature and not slowly getting hotter and hotter!
  • Take 1 piece of fish. Hold it by one end & lower it into the batter mix. Lift it out, allow any excess batter to drip off for 5 seconds and then CAREFULLY lower the fish into the oil.
    >It will spit so be careful!!!
  • If you’re cooking more than 1 piece of fish and they can comfortably fit in the same pan, repeat for the other pieces.
  • That said, don’t worry if you can only cook 1 at a time, they stay hot for ages. Cook the first and place on some kitchen roll whilst you’re cooking the others. This will absorb any excess oil and keep the batter crisp.
  • Leave for 3 mins, then flip and cook on the other side for 2 mins.

Cook the chips for a third time

  • Check the oil is still around 180-190Oc.
  • Place the twice cooked chips back into the oil for 3 mins, until just browning and crispy round the edges.
  • Remove with a slotted spoon. Place onto the kitchen roll for one last time (10 secs is enough!)
  • Plate up and enjoy!!
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**This recipe was written in collaboration with Skinny Lager, but as always, all of the views and recipes are my own!**

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