My Gluten Free Weekly Meal Plan

24th June 2020
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Afternoon all you lovely lot! As requested, I’ve written up my gluten free meal plan for Charlie and I this week.

The eagle eyed amongst you will notice there is 8 days of meals planned, not 7… so its technically my weekly + 1 plan. I like to sneak an extra one in there incase the week doesn’t go to plan and I can’t get next weeks shop before the 7 days is up. We haven’t really got any space for any more reserves at the moment (until our new kitchen is in… couldn’t be more excited!!!) .

Our Gluten Free Weekly Meal Plan

Click the link below to access my weekly meal plan. Its a little 1-page PDF doc and contains lots of links to all of the recipes I’m using (the links are in blue and underlined to make them easy to spot!). Hope you like it…

Gluten free weekly meal plan

Highlights: Our Weekly Staples


Got to be a sweet omelette. With peanut butter melted in the middle and a pile of raspberries. Usually a sprinkle of chia seeds for the fibre too. I’m trying to limit these in my weekly meal plan as I’ve got a little obsessed but I’d usually have 3-4 a week.

  • There’s always at least 2 baked wraps in the meal plan because they’re just too yummy!!
  • Usually we have soup and something… meatballs, shredded chicken, even stuff pasta goes in there! Because of the hot weather, we’ve chucked them out for this week but I’m sure they’ll be back for next.
  • We always have a BLT or two a week as well but I’ve tried to change that up as well 😉

There is no regular dinner in our house! I try to shake it up every week with new recipes from BBC Good Food, Asda Living or something I’ve found on Insta.

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