12 of the Best Gluten Free Products: Things I Couldn’t be Without

27th July 2020
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This post contains the 12 gluten free products I absolutely would not want to be without. The stuff I’d be truly gutted to hear its disappeared from our shelves.

I’ve kept it specifically to “gluten free aisle” products, not the normal aisle goodies. They’ll be coming next 😉

(1) FREEE flour by Doves Farm

The mix of ingredients used in flour can vary from one brand to another. I’ve used lots of brands and most are ok but nothing is quite as good as this one.

Also worth noting that FREEE self-raising flour contains xantham gum – an ingredient which helps to bind cakes and cookies, making them less crumbly. Most supermarket own brands do not contain xantham gum so you have to buy it separately and add it yourself.

I buy it in 16kg bags directly from FREEE (works out a lot cheaper – comes down from around 18p/100g to 14p/100g)

(2) Garofalo Pasta

We only buy Garofalo in this house because it really is the best! It doesn’t fall apart and tastes just the same as “normal” pasta. Even Charlie who isn’t gluten free loves it and can’t tell the difference.

You can buy it on Ocado or Amazon. They even do hoops called “Anellini” so you can make my Gluten Free Spaghetti Hoops!!!!

*I have worked with Garofalo in the past but this isn’t a paid collaboration – its just my thoughts 🙂

(3) Genius/Old El Paso Wraps

For Baked Wraps or anything that requires a big wrap, I use Genius.

For fajitas or when size doesn’t matter (<insert terrible joke!>), Old El Paso is the winner because its softer and more like a regular wrap.

(4) Tempura Chicken

Quite a few supermarkets have their own version now – e.g. Aldi, Asda and Sainsburys. Marks & Spencer’s version is better but more expensive so I love it for a treat. Why is it better? The tempura coating on the Aldi tempura has a tendency to fall apart/off the chicken a little in my opinion. All brands found in the “normal aisle”.

I love to use this in my cheats ‘Sweet & Sour Chicken’: cook the chicken, chop them up and add to a jar of sweet chill sauce, chopped pineapple and grilled pepper and taaa dah!!. They’re also fab in a wrap or with rice and a big pile of veggies.

I do also have a recipe for my own sweet and sour sauce here!

(5) Mcdonald’s Veggie Dipper Meal

Yep, its gluten free!!! I rate the dippers at a solid 7 or 8 out of 10, but I’ll take that for the convenience of going through a drive-thru and easily picking up an on-the-go warm meal. Have to have sweet curry sauce with it.


(7) Sainsburys Dippers

I really love their chicken dippers, more than I should. Who doesn’t love a kids dinner from time to time (or a minimum of once a week in our house haha)?! None of the other versions are as good as Sainsburys, if you ask me.

(8) Gluten Free Bisto

I swear I could eat gravy on basically ANY dinner. Nothing compares to Bisto.

(9) Marks Spring Rolls & Dim Sum

Bringing my fakeaways to the next level 😉 Had to sneak the Oyster sauce in there too because most contain gluten but this one doesn’t!! Fakeaway Guide here if you’d like to know a little more about what I use.


(11) Promise White Loaf

It rarely has holes, keeps really well, nice size slices, really high fibre… and Charlie happily eats it!!! We do have some gluten-containing products in our house but we try to avoid gluten-containing bread because its quite hard to contain the crumbs so Charlie eats this one with me 🙂

Downsides: price (£3 a loaf, as with most gf loaves) and availability (as far as I’m aware, its Sainsburys only in the UK)


YOUR Best Gluten Free Products!!

Here’s a list of all the bits you love and wouldn’t want to be without…

  • Fish Fingers – supermarket own or Birds Eye
  • FREEE brown rice pasta is a fave with people who don’t like corn based pasta
  • Chocofuls biscuit bars
  • Oreos – supermarket own “cookies and cream” biscuits. Also the orange flavoured versions
  • Gluten free Instant Noodle pots
  • Manna Dew pastries
  • Tamari / Gluten Free Soy Sauce – Kikkoman seems to be the fave!
  • Gf Oats – you guys love instant pots like Moma!

Want some more product posts???

If you’re after some replacements for your fave things that contain gluten, from Weetabix and Wotsits to Pot Noodle and Milky Way, have a lot here:

And to keep it real, this is what I did after writing this post… Ronnie, giraffe and I had a little nap :’) Exactly like this picture – except Ronnie is now 12 times bigger!!!!!

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