12 of the Best Gluten Free Products: Things I Couldn’t be Without

27th July 2020
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This little post contains the 12 gluten free products I absolutely would not want to be without. The stuff I’d be truly gutted to hear been discontinued.

This list is specifically “gluten free aisle” products, not the normal aisle goodies.

(1) FREEE flour (by Doves Farm)

I’ve used lots of brands and nothing compares to this one. So much so, I buy it in bulk…

(2) Garofalo Pasta

It really is the best. We ONLY have Garofalo in this house (even Charlie who isn’t gf loves it and can’t tell the difference between this and normal pasta). You can get it via Amazon. They even do hoops so you can make my Gluten Free Spaghetti Hoops!

(3) Genius/Old El Paso Wraps

For Baked Wraps or anything that requires a big wrap, I use Genius. For fajitas or when size doesn’t matter (!), Old El Paso is the winner because its softer and more like a regular wrap.

(4) Tempura ChickenAldi or Marks & Spencer

Aldi version is cheaper and is found in the “normal aisle”. Marks falls apart less, the sauce is tastier and you’ll find them in the free from aisle. For my cheats ‘Sweet & Sour Chicken’: cook them, chop them up and add to a jar of sweet chill sauce (see pic below… yum!!). They’re also fab in a wrap or with rice and a big pile of veggies.

(5) Mcdonald’s Dipper Meal

Yep, its gluten free!!! The dippers are a solid 7/8 out of 10, but to be honest, I’d take a 5/10 just for the convenience of going through a drive-thru and without a fuss!!!!

(6) Morrisons biscuits

They are the best. Huge range, amazing prices, and loads are dairy free too. If I was only allowed to buy one packet, it would be these:

(7) Sainsburys Dippers

I really love their chicken dippers, more than I should. Who doesn’t love a kids dinner from time to time (or a minimum of once a week in our house haha)?! None of the other versions are as good as Sainsburys, if you ask me.

(8) Gluten Free Bisto

I swear I could eat gravy on basically ANY dinner. Nothing compares to Bisto. Technically the regular aisle, “Bisto Best” (the one in the jar) is coeliac safe but I prefer the taste of these.

(9) Marks Spring Rolls & Dim Sum

Bringing my fakeaways to the next level 😉 Had to sneak the Oyster sauce in there too because most contain gluten but this one doesn’t!! Fakeaway Guide here if you’d like to know a little more about what I use.

(10) Boots Snacks

On-the-go, gluten free snacking (that doesn’t consist of a mouldy bit of fruit from a coffee shop) can be a challenge. Boots are always my go to – they stock all sorts from Livia’s and Deliciously Ella to Popcorn, Babybells (lactose free) and yoghurts. If you’re after some snack inspiration, here’s my On-the-go Snack Guide, full of options under £1.

(11) Waitrose Gluten Free Chunky Cod

By farrrrr the best one on the market. I love it with chips, rice and veg, ratatouille.

And last by definitely not least…chocolate!!!!!
(12) Vego Bar (the milk one, not white/berries)

Think gluten, dairy free ferrero rocher bar. I’d go as far as to say its actually better than a ferrero rocher. Get one from Holland and Barrett and let me know what you think!

And to keep it real, this is what I did after writing this post… baby Ronnie, giraffe and I had a little nap :’)

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