My Gluten Free Guide to Fakeaway’s

2nd April 2020
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I’ve put together a little guide with recipes, tips and ideas for bits to buy to create your own takeaways at home. Its difficult to get a good, gluten free takeaway at the best of times, let alone at the mo!!

KFC/Fried Chicken

My Recipe

To make your own KFC chicken, click here for my recipe – just need some chicken, a mix of herbs, some flour and a bit of oil.

Popcorn chicken, fillets, drumsticks…works for them all!

Want the sides?

  • BBQ beans: I just add a bit of BBQ sauce to some regular baked beans. I use Heinz for both. Most baked beans are gluten free, some BBQ sauces are not so be careful
  • Gravy: always has to be Gluten Free Bisto for me – red pot, green banner across the top. Bisto Best Chicken Gravy (normal aisle) has also been Coeliac UK approved, despite being a may contain on the label. If you want a more authentic one, I recommend this website or check out @becs.bites KFC Instagram highlights

Want a KFC-Style Rice Box?

I made the box you see in the pics below with:

  • Uncle Bens Savoury Veg Rice (microwaveable pouch)
  • Old El Paso Salsa
  • My KFC chicken recipe
  • Mayo & salad!

Bits I Recommend from the Supermarkets:

Loads of the supermarket sell some kind of “Free From Southern Fried Chicken” in either their fresh or frozen section. I really rate Tesco’s Fillets & Steaks (in the pic below). Birds Eye Steaks are also yummy!


I’ve had a go at recreating most of the Maccy Dee’s menu now 😉 Details of what I’ve used below:


  • Gluten free English muffin: Bfree
  • Hash Browns: I like Mccain’s but lots of brands are gluten free! Aunt Bessies & lots of supermarket own brands.
  • Sausage Patty:
    • Supermarket: Aldi’s are definitely gluten free (see pic below) and you guys tell me that Morrison’s fresh & Tesco frozen are gluten free too (can’t double check at the mo because their websites have a 45343 hour queue!).
    • I make my own: remove the skin from 2 sausages (slice down the length of the sausage with a sharp knife), take out the meat and shape into a patty. I cook them in a frying pan with a tiny bit of oil – about 3 mins on each side.

Big Mac

  • Roll: Schar Hamburger rolls are the closest to Maccy Dees. Genius brioche come a close second though!
  • Big Mac sauce: use burger sauce! You guys rate Asda’s own.
  • Fries: obviously there’s tons of choice but make sure you double check if they’re gluten free as they can be coated in wheat! You guys recommend Tesco frozen french fries.
  • Add gherkins!!!

Fillet-o-Fish: My all time fav

  • Use the same roll as above
  • Fish: I use 3 gluten free fish fingers – Birds Eye have a gf product but some of the supermarkets have an own brand version too (e.g. Tesco & Sainsbury’s)
  • Tartare Sauce: most are gluten free
  • Slice of Cheese: use Violife slice if you need dairy free


What I Make:

  • Prawn Toast: sounds complicated, actually very easy. After making this, you wont want the takeaway one again!!
  • Sweet & Sour Chicken: Two options: (1) My super simple recipe for Gluten Free Sweet & Sour (chicken, prawns, veggie, whatever you fancy) or (2) Before we had discovered the delights of making your own, we used to cook Marks/Aldi chicken tempura (or even chicken nuggets) and mix in a frying pan with a drained tin of pineapples and some peppers. We then add a jar of sweet and sour sauce.
  • Plenty of sides from Marks and Spencer (see the section below)
  • Chow Mein:
  1. Cook some rice noodles (dried are nearly always gluten free, some of the fresh ones are a may contain). Cooking tip: to stop them becoming sticky, boil some water, add the noodles, completely remove from the heat, cover with a lid and let them sit for 5 mins. Transfer to a sieve and run through with cold water until they’re cold to stop them cooking.
  2. Add a bag of stir fry veg to a pan (warning: Morrison’s own is a may contain gluten). Cook until soft.
  3. Add a generous sprinkle of gluten free soy sauce & oyster sauce if you have any – use sesame oil if not.
  4. Add the noodles, mix everything together and serve

Bits I Recommend from the Supermarkets:

Obviously there’s TON’S of products out there, but here’s a few I recommend.

  • Marks & Spencer:
    • Spring rolls: The best around. In the gluten free fridge section
    • Dim Sum: Normal takeaway fridge section
    • Sweet & Sour Chicken: Made Without Chicken Tempura & a jar of their Sweet Chilli Sauce
    • GF oyster sauce: rare to find a gf version so thank you Marks! (own brand, normal aisle)
  • Coop: Sweet & Sour chicken ready meal. “Normal” fridge.
  • Sainsbury’s: Crispy Chill Beef – normal fridges
  • Asda: their Takeaway range has too many bits to even mention here!!
  • Tesco: Oomi noodles are fab for chow mein (contains milk).
  • Aldi: have a copy of the Marks Chicken Tempura

My Top Tip:

Sesame Oil! It makes everything smell and taste like a proper Chinese. You’ll find it in any supermarket with the sunflower oil etc. Get some!!!

Your Tips:

  • Get concentrated black bean sauce from Asian supermarkets
  • Make the sauces in advance and put them in jars so it feels convenient when you want it!
  • Home Bargains – Chinese salt & pepper seasoning
  • Use cornflour to make your own crispy beef/chicken
  • Use rice paper to make spring rolls
  • The brand ‘Fody’ make a yummy low fodmap, GF Teriyaki


Want gluten free naans?

Tescos, Sainsburys, Asda free from shelves. Cook them as per the instructions, do not try them cold ;’)

Want Samosas?

Either wait until Christmas and stockpile the Coop party range or have a go with tortilla wraps! Here’s my recipe!! Its reaaaaally easy and very basic ingredients.

Want Poppadums?

You’ll be happy to know that most of the poppadoms I’ve found have been gluten free! Careful with flavoured ones. And Sharwoods (last time I checked they were a ‘may contain gluten’)

My fav GF curry paste:

I always use Patak’s paste pots. You ad the paste and some water to a frying pan, add chicken/fish/veg then add a tin of tomatoes and a little bit of coconut milk (the type of coconut milk that comes in tins). Super easy!

Bits I Recommend from the Supermarkets:

  • Coop (all in the normal fridge)
    • Chicken Pakoras
    • Ready meals: Chicken Jalfrezi, and Korma with rice.
    • Bombay Potatoes
    • Tesco: Their “normal” fridge takeaway section is fab – Fresh onion Bhajis, Bombay potatoes, Chicken Tikka
  • Morrisons: I love the packet of satay chicken sauce (normal aisle). Tons of ready meals too.

Popular Recipe Recommendation

From you guys: Joe Wicks cashew nut curry!


Voted by you as the “Most like a Dominos/Papa Johns” – Goodfellas frozen pizza!!

Fish and Chips

Here’s my Gluten Free Fish & Chips recipe. Promise you… its a lot easier than it sounds!!

Katsu Curry

I have a super duper simple recipe for the sauce 😉 And some recommendations for breaded chicken and veggie bits in the recipe too. Click here

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