12 New Gluten Free Products – 6th July 2020

6th July 2020
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There are very few “free from” products in this edition… most from the normal aisle!!

B&M Galaxy Spread – I mean, helloooo! Where have you been all my life?! Remember the Twix spread is gf too if you can track any down.

Heinz Flavoured Mayos – I’m a big mayo fan and I know you could make these flavours yourself but that’s boring haha … nice little treat for our bbqs! *I haven’t been able to verify these are gluten free in person yet but by looking at the new release articles, it looks like they will be ;)*

Marks Limelon – I need to try this. A mix of lime and melon. And if you haven’t tried their candyfloss grapes, you need to!! (so much better than the other supermarket versions as well… they actually taste like candyfloss!!!)

Roast Chicken with Pork, Sage & Onion Stuffing – gluten free!!!! Thanks to @GlutenFreeHeidi for this find (and picture!!)

Blue Dragon Pad Thai & Old El Paso Tortilla Bowls – I know these are new new, but they’re new to me so I guess they might be for you too!! Couple of different dinner ideas…

Marks Dairy Free Greek Style Yoghurt (couple of different flavours) – exciting!!! Greek yoghurt is used in lots of recipe so I’m excited to get my hands on these…

Aldi Katsu Chicken Wings & Loaded Nacho Chicken Wings – these look very exciting!! Thanks to @glutenfreedanielle for these – what a find 😉

Asda Frozen Tarts – 3 flavours, one is even vegan!!!

B&M Unicorn Milkshake mix – yes please

Coop Crisps – Now I’ve always loved these guys for their crisps but looook at these!! Katsu Curry, Bombay Potato, Dirty Fries… ahh!!

Seabrook Lea & Perrins and Fish & Chips crisps – ALL of their flavours are gluten free including these two yummy flavours!! Yes, Lea & Perrins is coeliac safe. Want to know more about that? Click here for my guide: “Is Barley Malt Extract Gluten Free?”

Promise Home Delivery – this bread can be hard to get hold of so its so exciting you can now order direct, delivered straight to your door. I love these two…

Want some more new finds? Here’s the previous editions! (I write them every 2 weeks so these are still pretty new ?

  • 1st Edition – new cereal, bread, chocolate and pasta sauces
  • 2nd Edition – e.g. new “pot noodles”, Eric the caterpillar and tempura chicken
  • 3rd Edition – e.g. new peanut butters, bbq meat/vegan options, cereal bars and Cote at Home
  • 4th Edition – brioche hot dogs, leon chicken nuggets, and Colin Caterpillers!

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