18 Easy, Gluten Free Dinner Ideas: a sneaky peak at my regular meals!

5th November 2020
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Stuck for gluten free dinner ideas? Hopefully this will help!

Whilst there are 1000’s of recipes in the world, we tend to stick the same few on repeat. I thought I’d share the ones on repeat in this household so you can add them to your repertoire too!

18 Gluten Free Dinner Ideas: Tried, tested and loved by us!!

(1) Campfire Stew

Pinch of Nom recipe. Slow cooked, shredded gammon with peppers, tomatoes, kidney beans, baked beans and mushrooms.

I’d never cooked a gammon joint before this recipe – don’t be scared, its SO easy. This is what I buy – mines from Sainsburys but all the supermarkets have the same thing. Literally just take off the wrapper, stick it in the slow cooker with all the other ingredients and go!!

Sides: we have this with rice and veg, on a jacket potato or sometimes just a big bowl on its own

Campfire Stew - Pinch Of Nom

(pic from Pinch of Nom too)

(2) Cowboy Pie

So many of you have been asking what this is so here goes!! Its basically a baked bean and sausage stew, topped with mash and cheese. Absolute fave and perfect to batch cook and eat over a couple of nights! Pinch of Nom recipe (pic from Pinch of Nom too)

Cowboy Pie - Pinch Of Nom

(3) Chilli Mac and Cheese Pasta

My own recipe and a firm fave.

(4) Sticky Chicken

I’d never cooked this dish until recently and now its a weekly staple. I use this recipe by Slimming Eats – but I go for equal parts honey, soy and balsamic vinegar. Remember to use GF Soy Sauce (aka Tamari).

Sides: We serve ours with plain rice/egg fried rice and some kind of veg. Charlie loves the sticky chicken in a wrap with some crunchy lettuce too!

(5) Chinese Fakeaway

My own recipe – tons of “Fakeaway” ideas in this guide! Covers everything from egg fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, prawn toast, the lot!!

Its HONESTLY a lot easier than you’d think. Just trust me here!!!

(6) Hunters Chicken Pasta

My own recipe. Charlie loves Hunters Chicken – bacon wrapped chicken cooked in a tomatoey BBQ sauce and topped with yummy melted cheese. I love pasta. Combine the 2 dishes and you have an easy, delicious dish and 2 very, very happy people.

(7) KFC Chicken

My own recipe – super duper easy, the coating is just a mix of herbs, flour and egg. I’ve included tons of pics in the instructions to ensure its “finger lickin’ good!!”. I get a lot of DMs from happy followers that have made this and said its just as good as the real deal.

Sides: Perfect with chips, bbq beans and gravy!!

(8) Homemade Kievs

Pinch of Nom Recipe. I was honestly amazed when my first batch of kievs turned out just like the picture.

5 mins to prep then you just shove them in the oven. My kind of weekday dinner. Perfect for using up the ends of the loaf!!

Sides: works with everything – rice, chips, salad, veg

Chicken Kievs pinchofnom.com

(pic from Pinch of Nom)

(9) My Salmon and Tomato Rice

My own recipe. TERRIBLE pic – apologies!! Veggie rice (kind of like a risotto but a lot less faff) and salmon drizzled with sweet chilli sauce. We have this every Monday night after I’ve been to the shop!

(11) Our “Korma”

This one has become a real favourite recently. We use this Korma paste which is naturally gluten and dairy free.

How we make ours:

  1. Chop an onion and a pepper into big chunky pieces. Fry until really soft
  2. Add chunky pieces of mushrooms. Fry for another few mins.
  3. Add big pieces of chicken and fry until browning on the outside (hasn’t got to be cooked through).
  4. Add a jar of sauce (1 jar for 2 people – jar is meant to be for 4 but don’t think this adds enough flavour).
  5. Cook through for 5 mins.
  6. Add 2/3rd of a tin of light coconut milk and simmer with a lid partly covering the pan until the sauce is thick (20 mins ish).
  7. Remove from the heat and let sit for 5-10mins… makes it wayyyy tastier!!
  8. Serve with rice and poppadums

(11) Loaded Nachos

We have some kind of variation of loaded nachos EVERY Saturday. We always cook one of the toppings below, place over the top of some nachos, sprinkle with cheese and bake for 5 mins until its all melted and yum.

Here’s some ideas:

  • Shredded Chicken – place your chicken bread in an oven proof dish, scatter with spices (we use Old El Paso BBQ Seasoning), cover with foil and bake at 180oC for 30 mins. Remove from the oven, shred the chicken with 2 forks, scatter with some more spices and return to the oven for 5 mins
  • Pulled Pork – Iceland own or Jolly Hog (in Sainsburys)
  • Veggie Feast!! Avocado, salsa, sundried tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, whatevers going!!
  • Cheeseburger Nachos – love love loveeee this Asda recipe

Nacho recommendations:

  • We just use supermarket own “salted tortilla chips” (most are gf but check yours!!)
  • Mister Freed Cheesie flavour

(12) Seafood pasta

I’ll write you a recipe for this one but basically make a simple tomato sauce and stir in a packet of cooked, mixed seafood. Add the pasta, coat in the sauce and scoff!!

(13) Pizza Chicken

I know loads of people are massively against Slimming World but don’t let that stop you trying this one… its so good! Slimming World recipe here

Sides: chips are our fave but rice or salad is nice too. We go for corn on the cob, beans or peas for our veggies!

(14) Satay Chicken

One of my own recipes – born out of my love for peanut butter. Click here for my recipe

Sides: we have ours with egg fried rice and sesame fried tenderstem broccoli

(15) Scotch Egg and Chips

I LOVE scotch egg. Not just for picnics in our house!!! Click here for my *EASY PEASY* recipe

Sides: chips to dunk into the yolk has to be the winner. But also great as part of a ploughman’s

(16) Homemade Fish and Chips

Can’t beat a Friday Fish and Chips. Honestly, this one is so, so much easier than you’d think. Click here for my recipe

gluten free fish and chips beer batter

(17) Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potato Wedges & Burgers

A new one for our house but its become an obsession. Burgers without these wedges are now naked! Click here for my Sweet Potato Wedges

Sweet Potato Wedges Wrapped in Bacon

(18) The others!!

These guys also play a bit part in our weekly menus so they couldn’t be left out… I just didn’t give them their own section as I thought you probably make them anyway!

  • Bolognese – BBC Best ever recipe is our fave, Garofalo pasta
  • Fajitas – Genius/Old El Paso wraps, stir fried peppers/beansprouts/mushrooms, chicken in Old El Paso seasoning, hummus, sweet chilli
  • Baked Fish and Veg
  • Curries – usually with Pataks sauces, packed with veg (carrots, peppers, onions, butternut) and served with poppadum’s (most are gf)
  • Cottage Pie – Hairy Bikers recipe
  • “Kids dinners” – my favourite version is Sainsburys free from frozen chicken dippers, Heinz beans and Leon waffle fries/Sainsburys extra crunchy fries

Want some more Gluten Free Dinner Ideas ideas?

Click here for all of the “Mains” on my website. Or how about one of these:

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