10 of The Most Stupid Things About a Gluten Free Diet

4th September 2020
Blog post

10 things that will make absolutely no sense to anyone else but us – because being gluten free can be so silly sometimes can’t it?!

(1) Certain very normal words will become buzz words that just annoy you the second you hear them – for example brownie. Or crumbs. Or fruit salad. Never words that brewed any emotion in me before.

(2) You eat before you go out to eat. I have no words for this one. Before my coeliac diagnosis, I would have thought this was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

(3) Or if we do eat out, we put up with the extra £5 for our gf pizza without questioning it. Why?! Haha

(4) After a few years, we actually start to think gluten free bread isn’t thaaaaat bad… its only when someone points out how good the bakery aisle smells that we realise its probably not quite up to standards yet haha

(5) The gluten free “version” of something is released. It gets terrible reviews but you still drive half an hour just to buy it and tell everyone about it. They’ll probably go and buy it too…. there’s one thing I’m thinking about specifically – know what it is?!! If something new got released onto the normal shelves and it got bad reviews, no one would try it… so why do we?!!!

(6) When we’re eating out and our meal arrives, we actually feel embarrassed, even though we definitely didn’t cook it. It’s either tiny, missing half of the advertised items or just looks totally unappealing. But why should we feel remotely bad?!!

(7) You can be coeliac for years and still sometimes forget to check a label. Yep, this happens to me too!!! It’s second nature but sometimes I can just slip my brain. How?!

(8) You end up craving things you’ve never ever wanted before – I’ve never liked doughnuts, but I want a doughnut. I even dream about them.

(9) You eat Maccy Dees veggie dippers even though they’re not amazing, just because you can. They’re a solid 6/10 and if I could have a fillet-o-fish, I would. Yet I still crave veggie dippers on a daily basis. Why!!

(10) You see the words gluten free on any shop and instantly have to go in, even if you’re not remotely hungry. Again, non-coeliacs would not walk past a cafe and insist on going in, despite not being hungry. Is it just the novelty of finding somewhere that actually advertises gluten free?!

Want some more things to make you smile?

Or maybe you want some food?


  • Amy

    7th September 2020 at 6:15 pm

    The veggie fingers are so bad ? but when there is a McDonald’s in every town it’s something safe to bet on!

    1. jkitchengf

      2nd October 2020 at 10:46 am

      Yess… exactly that!! Sadly they’ve disappeared for a bit due to “quality control” but apparently they’re coming back at some point!

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