The BEST 10 Retro Recipes: Nostalgic, Fun and Gluten Free!

3rd September 2020
Blog post

I feel like my blog is being over-run by 90’s school dinner classics and retro recipes at the moment and I am here for it!!!!

Next to each one, I’ve given you a rough idea of what ingredients you need (mainly because I think they all look complicated and I wanted to show you they’re actually easy peasy and only need a few ingredients!!).

Want to see them? Let’s go!!!

Easy Pop Tarts – shop-bought gluten free puff pastry, jam/filling, icing, egg (for a glaze, not compulsory)

Iced Gems – basic shortbread recipe (flour, butter, sugar) and icing

Cornflake Tart – shop-bought shortcrust pastry, cornflakes, jam, golden syrup, butter

Party Rings – egg, gluten free flour, sugar, butter, icing

Angel Cake – eggs, butter, flour, sugar, food colouring/flavouring and icing

Mini Egg Cakes – not just for Easter!!

Jammy Dodgers – basic shortbread recipe (flour, butter, sugar) and jam. Optional cocoa powder

Penguins – I LOVEEEE making these, slightly more ingredients but all very basic 🙂

No Bake Penguins – use shop-bought biscuits, butter and icing (or shop bought icing), chocolate

Artic Roll – eggs, sugar, flour, jam and ice cream

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