14 New Gluten Free Products: 20th July 2020

20th July 2020
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Well well well, what do we have here! ** Another 14 new products!!!** Lets go…

Chop Pad Thai Stir Fry Paste – thanks to @laurensgutsylife for this find! Got to love something new for dinner. Not sure I’ll ever rival Rosa’s Pad Thai but I think I’m going to give it a go…

GRO Coop Garlic and Chilli Koftas – thanks to @Glutenfreegatherer for this find 😉

Asda Fish Bubble Bites (frozen) – don’t think these are new but they’re new to me so thought they might be new to you too!!

** No Pic – Asdas website wouldn’t let me but click here for the link!**

Lazy Day Foods – Vegan, Free From Chocolate Cake (online or Sainsburys) – yes, please. Love the Lazy Day Food range and its not always easy to find a gluten, dairy free celebration style cake so this is a very welcomed new addition to the market!!!

Freaks of Nature – Gluten & Dairy Free: Bramley Apple Crumble my all time favourite dessert!!!! So excited to try this!

Peperami Snack Box (Protein Kick – Corn Puffs variety) – Not one for me but I know there are some Peperami lovers out there so had to share it 🙂

Asdas New Meal Kits: (1) Piri Piri Chicken Meal (thanks to @gfchickadee) and (2) American Style Meal (pulled pork, spicy chips and bbq beans). So unusual to find these!!! Looks like they come as either a meal for 1 or 2.

Difatti New Gluten Free Tortelloni – one of my faves. Doesn’t fall apart and so so tasty. Perfect with a little bit of pesto!

Good its gluten free! The UKs first 100% dedicated gluten free recipe box!!! All the ingredients (fresh and store cupboard) delivered to your door to make some yummy recipes – this week I’ve got their fish & chips and chicken curry to try 😛

Kallo Veggie Cakes – I do love a rice cracker haha

Asda Lemon Creams – thanks to @gluten.free.and.me1 for the pic. How good do these sound?!

Follow your heart range in tesco

Tesco Sultana Scones (I apologise for the quality of the pic below – its directly off their website!) but they looked pretty yummy. I love a warm scone with a little bit of jam … no cream, ta. Also saves the argument of which goes first, cream or jam?! haha

**And then the award for the most overpriced addition to the market goes to Pret…. £8.29 for their new Humous & Crudites Platter – seriously, when are they going to get it right?! Thanks to @the.gfg for the picture (taken from her stories :))

**Want to see the last editions of “New Products”??**

  • 5th May 2020 – new cereal, bread, chocolate and pasta sauces
  • 23rd May 2020  – e.g. new “pot noodles”, Eric the caterpillar and tempura chicken
  • 8th June 2020 – e.g. new peanut butters, bbq meat/vegan options, cereal bars and Cote at Home
  • 23rd June 2020 – brioche hot dogs, leon chicken nuggets, and Colin Caterpillers!
  • 6th July 2020 – Galaxy spread, Aldi Finds and Katsu crisps!

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