10 Ways with Muesli

30th June 2019
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I know this might sound weird, but when Delicious Alchemy sent over some muesli to try, I actually didn’t know how to use it other than sprinkling on fruit! We’ve never really had muesli in our house so I was a little lost.

I had a little google, got my thinking hat on and it turns out there’s millions of ways to use it.

Here’s 10 ideas to give you a little inspiration, including 2 recipes of how to BAKE breakfast goodies with it. Yep, you can use muesli like flour. Who knew?!

Like CerealPour some milk over the top
Like PorridgeHeat with milk/water on the hob
In JuiceI know, sounds weird, but google it and you’ll see it looks dreamy. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!!
BircherSoak overnight with extra dried fruit, nuts or whatever you fancy. Like overnight oats but with muesli!
Bake like Granola Tons of granola recipes online. Just use muesli in place of “oats”
Add to Smoothies Blends to a fine powder so you’ll never even know its there but you’ll get all the nutritional benefits
Sprinkle on fruit/yoghurtSounds like an all inclusive buffet breakfast right!?
My Blender BiscuitsRecipe below
My Breakfast MuffinsRecipe below

Before I show you my recipes, can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that Delicious Alchemy products come in a resealable pouch so it takes up less room in my little “gluten free cupboard” than a gigantic box.

AND – its got no added sugar, its suitable for vegans AND its source of fibre and protein.

Now for the recipes….


Click here for the full recipe!

You need:

  • bowl & spoon
  • baking tray
  • blender/smoothie maker
  • optional but helpful – cookie cutter/egg ring/something circular!

And these ingredients…


Click here for the full recipe!

You need:

  • muffin tray & cases
  • balloon whisk
  • bowl & spoon

And these ingredients…

Here’s Delicious Alchemy’s website: www.deliciousalchemy.com. You can also find a range of gluten free breakfast essentials and baking mixes on there. If the museli is anything to go by, you’ll be onto a winner!

This is a paid post in collaboration with Delicious Alchemy but as always, the views & ideas are totally my own. Hope you enjoy, Jess x

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