MORRISONS: Gluten Free Christmas Products 2021

26th November 2020
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Here’s a selection of all the gluten free goodies I’ve found in Morrisons Christmas range this year! Its broken into 4:

  • 1) “Normal Aisle” savoury
  • 2) “Normal Aisle” sweet
  • 3) Gluten Free Aisle savoury
  • 4) Gluten Free Aisle sweet

Hope there’s some yummy new finds in here for you!!

*As always, please check all of the ingredients labels for yourself incase something has changed. I have heavily on Morrison’s website for ingredients info and sometimes they (or I!) make a mistake*

Changes from 2021

Frustratingly, this year Morrisons seem to be adding “may contain gluten” to EVERYTHING, from fresh veg and meat to pigs in blankets so be careful!!

Also, their online “free from” Christmas selection is minimal. Is there more in the shops? I’d say it currently looks about half of what it normally is.

But until then, here’s my Rudi Reindeer. You can usually buy him from Morrisons and I just jazzed him up a bit… however, he has been out of stock for two weeks *insert eye roll*.

“Normal” Aisle Savoury Bits

Party Food

Sides and Gravy



“Normal” Aisle Sweet Bits

Chocolates & Fudge



Free From Aisle Sweet Bits

Chocs, Sweets and Biscuits

Traditional Bits

Free From Aisle Savoury Bits

Easy Mistakes to Make

1. Pigs in blankets: A lot of their pigs in blankets either contain or may contain wheat and that’s quite unusual vs other supermarkets so I thought I’d flag it.

2. Seasoning: you’d think this would be herbs/spices but it also contains wheat.

3. Gravy: Their pots of gravy are fine but the pouches say “contains wheat” in the allergen info. I can’t see any wheat in the ingredients so the website might be wrong but I’m flagging it just incase!

4. Cheddar Bake: this flavour contains barley malt vinegar which is no longer safe unless the product is labelled gf (which this isn’t), as per Coeliac UKs advice.

5. Chilli Bites: Fresh ones are fine, frozen (pictured below) contain gluten

Want to see more supermarket Christmas products??

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