ASDA: Gluten Free Christmas Products 2021

25th November 2020
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Here’s a selection of all the gluten free goodies I’ve found in Asda’s Christmas range this year! Its broken into 4 main parts

  • 1) “Normal Aisle” savoury
  • 2) “Normal Aisle” sweet
  • 3) Gluten Free Aisle savoury
  • 4) Gluten Free Aisle sweet

Hope there’s some yummy new finds in here for you!!

*As always, please check all of the ingredients labels for yourself incase something has changed. Also you should know, due to coronavirus, I’ve relied heavily on Sainsbury’s website for ingredients info*

Changes from 2020

There are tons more options in the free from aisle!! Wahooooooo 🙂 Careful with some of the normal aisle chocs – several are a may contain this year.

Normal Aisle Savoury Bits

Meat & Vegan Alternatives



*pouches contain gluten, the tubs don’t!

Sauces and Chutneys

Party Food

****Asda have a frozen “party platter” bag too but I’m yet to find one so haven’t got a pic!

May be an image of food

*Last picture from Coeliacs in the UK fb group

Normal Aisle Sweet Stuff

Chocolate and Sweets

Frozen Desserts

Extra Bits!

Free From Aisle Sweet Bits

Traditional Bits




Free From Aisle Savoury Bits

Want to see more supermarket Christmas products??

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