Marks & Spencer: Gluten Free Christmas Products 2022

28th November 2020
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Here’s a selection of all the gluten free goodies I’ve found in M&S Christmas range this year! Its broken into 4:

  • 1) “Normal Aisle” savoury
  • 2) “Normal Aisle” sweet
  • 3) Gluten Free Aisle savoury
  • 4) Gluten Free Aisle sweet

Hope there’s some yummy new finds in here for you!!

*As always, please check all of the ingredients labels for yourself incase something has changed. I’ve relied heavily on the Ocado website for ingredients info and sometimes they (or I!) make mistakes!*

Changes from 2021

Most of it remains the same as last year, including all of the party food and chicken kyivs.

The only new bits I’ve found are in the sweets/chocolate section BUT read this tip otherwise you’ll miss them…

Ocado’s allergy filters are usually great but on the sweet stuff, they aren’t so good this year. If you tick “gluten free”, it will remove virtually everything, including LOADS of gluten free options… so don’t use that! I’ve tried to go through everything on their site to pick out the gf bits by hand so hopefully I’ve done the hard work for you 🙂

Careful – the sliced sprouts contain gluten this year

Normal Aisle Savoury Bits

Party Food


Cheese and Platters



Meat – Sausages, stuffing and joints

Normal Aisle Sweet Bits




M&S Raspberry, White Chocolate & Madagascan Vanilla Panna Cotta – not obvious what this is so I thought I better include this label!

Haven’t checked these yet for 2022 but they we’re gf last year so hopefully they’ll be the same this year!

Marks Classics!

Other Bits

Free From – Savoury

Free From – Sweet

The yule log and the cake with the stars on top isn’t back yet but hopefully it’ll be around soon

Want to see more supermarket Christmas products??

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