TESCO: Gluten Free Christmas 2022

1st December 2020
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Here’s a selection of all the gluten free goodies I’ve found in Tesco’s Christmas range this year!

Its divided into 3:

  • 1) Gluten Free Aisle sweet & savoury
  • 2) “Normal Aisle” savoury
  • 3) “Normal Aisle” sweet

*As always, please check all of the ingredients labels for yourself incase something has changed. I’ve relied on their websites info and whilst very rare, they can make the occasional mistake*

Changes from 2021

Not a huge amount of difference in the free from aisle – most of the bits are still the same as last year – honeycomb dome included!

In the “normal aisle”, the party food range has lots of new bits from Katsu King Prawns to Pork and Truffle Bon Bons. In previous years, they’ve added a few more bits closer to Christmas so I’ll keep my eye out for more.

Things you don’t need in the free from aisle

*NEW FOR 2022 – some of the products are in the free from aisle because they are milk/egg/something else free, nothing to do with gluten. This is a list of similar products to those in the free from aisle of Tesco that you can buy in the “normal” aisle if you’re ‘just’ gluten free to save you a fortune.

  1. Free From Pigs in Blankets popchips £1.44/100g -> swap for Pigs in Blankets finest crisps £0.83/100g (42% cheaper)
  2. Free From Turkey and Stuffing tortilla chips £0.77/100g -> they usually have tortilla trees in their normal aisles too – yet to hit the shelves but keep your eyes peeled 🙂
  3. Free From Luxury Choc truffle box £3.31/100g -> if you’re a fan of chocolate orange, their choc orange truffle box is £2.37/100g (28% cheaper)
  4. Free From Chocolate Coins -> currently not in the free from aisle but another one to watch out for. The normal aisle ones are normally half the price and a lot tastiesr

Free From Aisle


Traditional Products


Other Bits


Normal Aisle Sweet Stuff

Frozen Desserts


Cake Decorating


Crisps & Popcorn


Normal Aisle Savoury Stuff

Sides, Sauces and Gravy!



*careful – there’s plenty of choice for pigs in blankets but not all are gluten free (some contain wheat) so don’t accidently pick up the wrong box!!

Party Food


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