7 Gluten Free Blog Posts To Help you Right Now!

27th April 2020
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Hey everyone! It’s such a weird, tricky time right now. So, I thought I’d gather together 7 of my gluten free blog posts that could help in some way. Its broken into 3 sections:

  1. “Just diagnosed with coeliac disease”
  2. “to help with the shop and save money”
  3. “to help you to stay well”

Click on the titles within each section to read the blog post 🙂

Just been diagnosed with coeliac disease?

It’s tough regardless of when you’re diagnosed. However, I think its probably even tougher at the moment. Read these and message me ANY TIME.

  1. 18 Tips for New Coeliacs: My Practical Guide
  2. 10 Most Common Questions about Coeliac Disease

To help with the shop & save money!!

Shopping has temporarily changed. As a result, we can’t really hop from one supermarket to another (popping into Marks for some dim sum is definitely not essential, right?!), some of us are shopping in a different supermarkets altogether & some even have other people doing the shop for them.

Hopefully these will help…

  1. Stuff you don’t need in the free from aisle – a money saver! Sometimes items are there because they are free from other things – milk, egg, etc so if you’re “just” gluten free, you might not need them. Check out my list!
  2. Unexpected gluten free foods in the “normal” aislesanother money saver! Broken down into all the major supermarkets so its also useful if you’re shopping somewhere out of the ordinary at the moment.
  3. How to use the Coeliac UK app – Helpful for all of us right now because we’re having to pick up different brands etc, based on what stock is available. Also, its extra helpful if someone else is doing the shop for you & they’re not used to reading ingredients. They could download the app, read this guide and then just scan the barcodes in on any products their not sure about which is especially useful if, like me, your supermarket hasn’t got phone signal so they can’t call as they’re walking around.

To help you stay well

Obviously, staying well is always a priority, but it feels even more top of mind at the moment so thought it might be worth sharing these.

  1. Hidden Gluten: 18 places to triple check – so many of us have been caught out on these. Worth a read right now, even if you’re a seasoned gluten freer!
  2. 10 Tips for Bloating – we’re in it together people!

Want more??!

Have a little look on Coeliac UK’s website – they’re always fab! They have a corona virus hub too – click here to see.

In addition, there’s tons more blog posts in my “Help” section of the blog! Click here to see the full list.

As always, message me if I can help 🙂

Jess x

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