9 Sweet Snack Ideas

27th March 2019
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I’m obsessed with sweet things… I could be here all day!! But there’s a few to keep you going!

  1. “Ice cream” – actually frozen bananas, milk and fruit! Check out this insta post https://www.instagram.com/p/BstRn7HB3hb/
  2. PB Banana Choc Ice Bites – my new favourite thing ever!!!!!!! slice a banana, sandwich two pieces with a layer of PB (like the example in the pic), place on a tray/in a container (not touching each other) into the freezer for half an hour, dunk them in melted dark choc and set in the freezer so you can pick one out whenever you want it. Kind of like a mini choc ice bite…remember those!
  3. Frozen Grapes – taste like sweets, delicious! Use the marks and spencer candy floss variety
  4. Meringue Kisses – good for a small, quick sugar fix
  5. My Banana Bread – can be frozen in slices and microwaved as and when you want it –  click here for my recipe
  6. Homemade Granola – always a fav in my house. I grab a handful whenever I’m peckish! Much cheaper than buying it from the supermarket and I dont use any sugar. Current fav combination is date and stem ginger!!! click here for my recipe with step-by-step pics
  7. Baked Apple – so sweet and delish – kind of like a healthy apple crumble. I stuffed the core with my granola. Yummm!! Used the BBC baked apple recipe
  8. Berry Almond Cakeno sugar, butter or oil but spongey and satisfies my cravings. Here’s a link to the recipe I posted a longgg time ago so excuse the photo!!! https://www.instagram.com/p/BbWfTw2BRyy/
  9. Popcorn – there’s loads of recipes to make your own online!

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