• Gluten Free Festive Drinks 2022: Coffee Shop Guide (dairy free too)

    10th November 2020

    My Gluten Free Festive Drinks Guide was born a few years ago. I was stood in Costa, wanting to participate in the festive hot chocolate drinking…. black forest, gingerbread, Irish velvet. Yum!! But to be completely honest, I didn’t want the faff of being handed the allergen book so I just went for a boring…

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  • My Gluten Free Advent Calendar Guide 2022 (Dairy Free section too)

    29th October 2020

    My Guide to Gluten Free Advent Calendars is here!!!!! Hopefully this guide make it easy to know which advent calendars are gluten free, so you don’t stand in the shop and feel totally overwhelmed with which one to pick, like I always do! Or, if someone buys an advent calendar for you, you can send…

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  • The Ultimate Gluten Free Christmas Chocolate Guide 2022

    21st October 2020

    Here’s my EASY GUIDE to Gluten Free Christmas Chocolates!! Its split into 4 sections: (1) Gluten free – tins (2) Gluten free – other chocolates (3) Gluten and dairy free (4) Not gluten free!!!! The ones to avoid As always, please check the labels for yourself just incase anything has changed or supermarkets have made…

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  • Gluten Free Christmas: Sneaky look into the best bits available today!

    8th October 2020

    I know, its October so it would usually be too early to be writing about GLUTEN FREE CHRISTMAS PRODUCTS. But as I write this, we have 78 days until Christmas and given the strange old year we’ve had, I think we need the Christmas sparkle to arrive early this year. There’s already tons of gluten…

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  • My Gluten, Dairy Free Christmas Table: 2018

    9th December 2018

    My 12 Days of Supermarkets is over!! (Missed it? theres a little explanation at the bottom of this post). So, now you know what’s on offer in all the major supermarkets but there’s loads to chose from right? Can’t decide what to have? Here’s what is going to be making it onto our Christmas table…

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