Gluten Free Christmas: Sneaky look into the best bits available today!

8th October 2020
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I know, its October so it would usually be too early to be writing about GLUTEN FREE CHRISTMAS PRODUCTS. But as I write this, we have 78 days until Christmas and given the strange old year we’ve had, I think we need the Christmas sparkle to arrive early this year.

There’s already tons of gluten free Christmas products on the shelves! I’ve had a scout around and thought I’d show you the bits that caught my eye.

Here’s goes…

  1. Costa Black Forest Hot Chocolate – my Christmas 2019 addiction will be fully revived this year. Make sure you ask them to properly clean the machine before making your drink due to risk of cross contamination from their oat milk.

2. White Rabbit Vegan Festive Feast – really love their pizzas – exciting to see a Christmas edition, perfect for a Christmas Movie night!! Pumpkin puree, turkey free pieces, cranberry, winter roasted veg and “mozzarella”!!

3. Kit Kat Santas AND that Advent Calendar – DO NOT confuse them with Malteser Reindeers!!! Same size packet, both red… but one will make you very ill!! Obviously had to go in my gluten free christmas faves.

Kit Kat Advent Calendar | Ocado

4. Moo Bear – I just love this little guy! Something special for the dairy freers

5. Elf Icing – at the age of 29, I’m more excited about this than I should be.

6. Tesco Apple Pies – everyone raves about these – warm them up a little and drown in custard! Yummmm!!

Tesco Free From 4 Caramelised Apple Crumble Pies

7. Aero Snowbubbles – I’m told these are dreamy…

8. Sainsbury’s Pig in Blankets Tortilla Trees – we all NEED this for Christmas right?! Normal aisle too!

Pigs In Blankets Tortilla Trees 200g

9. Marks Swiss Chocolates – basically gluten free Lindt milk balls. Makrs actually have them all year around but you’ll see shelves and shelves of them at Christmas and its compulsory to buy a box 😉

10. Tesco Truffles – very few places had gluten AND dairy free truffles last year (Coop was one of few) but these look super cute. Can’t wait to try them.

Tesco Finest Free From Truffle Selection 139G

11. Tesco Tin of gluten free shortbread – I don’t even care that the flavour sounds a little odd, I’m just so excited that we can have a tin of biccies… for some reason it feels more christmassy?!

Tesco Finest Free From Orange & Maple Shortbread Tin 160G

12. Christmas Colins and Percys!!! It just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t add these to the list…

The last few years we’ve taken Billy and Alfie for a long walk on Christmas morning and we’ve had a bag of these stuffed in our pockets. Can’t tell you how excited I am that Ronnie will be with us too this year.

** I have a wholeee Christmas section on my blog – there’s not too much on there from 2020 yet, but you can see all of 2019 bits to prepare yourself for what’s to come 😉 **

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