My Gluten Free Advent Calendar Guide 2022 (Dairy Free section too)

29th October 2020
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My Guide to Gluten Free Advent Calendars is here!!!!! Hopefully this guide make it easy to know which advent calendars are gluten free, so you don’t stand in the shop and feel totally overwhelmed with which one to pick, like I always do! Or, if someone buys an advent calendar for you, you can send this guide to them so they know which ones are gluten free.

It’s divided into 3:

  1. Gluten Free, Contains Dairy
  2. Gluten Free, Dairy Free
  3. NOT Gluten Free – the ones to avoid

*As always, please double check the ingredients for yourself incase anything has changed. I rely on the ingredients info on the supermarkets website and they do make mistakes from time to time**

Suprises/Changes for 2022

  • Reese’s regular chocolate one is a may contain but they have one with mini cups and pretzels is weirdly ok! (pics below)
  • Kinder Chocolate Minis Advent Calendar – watch out for this one. In Sainsburys, it looks like its fine but on other websites it actually contains gluten. Will pick one up in store tomorrow and double check, but until then, be careful!

Gluten Free Advent Calendars, Contains Dairy


  • Paw Patrol 
  • Peppa Pig


  • Dairy Milk
  • Dairy Milk Chunks
  • Advent Bar
  • White


  • Organic Dark (may contain milk)
  • Organic Milk



  • Kit Kat
  • Milkybar

Joe & Sephs

Reese’s Miniature Cups With Pretzels Countdown Calendar 

Kinder 3D House Advent Calendar


Marks and Spencer

  • Santa
  • Where’s Wally
  • Percy Pig
  • Dashschund
  • House of Whips
  • Science Museum

Gluten Free Advent Calendars, Dairy Free



So free

Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans Christmas Tree Advent Calendar 190g - Jelly Belly

Joe & Sephs

Pip and Nut



Supermarket Own

Surprisingly Not Gluten Free – the ones to avoid!!


  • Hero’s
  • Advent Tower

Other popular ones

  • Haribo
  • Maltesers
  • Ferrero Rocher
  • Hersheys
  • Smarties
  • Kinder Bueno (not the kinder choc, just the bueno!)
  • Reeses Minatures
  • Monty Bojangles

Lindt – to my knowledge, all of them contain gluten/may contain

Hotel Chocolat – all may contain


Want Some More Christmas Guides?

I’m working on them as we speak but here’s what I’ve got so far!!

Gluten Free Guide to Festive Drinks in Coffee Shops

Foods we can’t get all year round so worth stocking up at Christmas: (1) Chocs (2) Mostly Savoury

Hope this guide was useful – if I can improve it any way, please send me a DM on Instagram!!! Would love your feedback, Jess x

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