Gluten Free Gigantic Jazzles Crispy Cakes

19th May 2021
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My Gigantic Jazzles Crispy Cakes: a chewy, crispy base that is topped with a giant “jazzle” – white chocolate and sprinkles! You are 5 very simple ingredients away from these beauties.

They are INSANE warmed up. 10 seconds in the microwave and wow. I’ve tried to describe it in a million different ways but nothing does it justice. The chewiness goes from 7/10 to 10348201/10 and the slightly melted choc top just elevates the whole thing. Just try it.

So now we know that you are going to make them, the only question that remains… jazzles or jazzies? The internet tells me both are accurate but I have no idea which to use!!!!

Chocolate Jazzles recipe crispy cake

The idea for my “White Chocolate Jazzles Crispy Cakes” came from the Asda website. Here’s their recipe but I wanted something more chewy on the base, like Krispy Squares from my childhood lunchbox, so I’ve adapted the base recipe a little.

Wanted to show you a picture pre-bite so you can see how well they hold together!

How to make my “Jazzles Crispy Cakes” gluten free

A couple of little warnings for you!

(1) Sprinkles – some sprinkles contain wheat!!!! Just double check which ones you’re using – such an easy mistake to make.

(2) Rice Krispies – most major supermarkets have a gluten free option in the free from aisle but you can save your pennies and buy some from the normal aisles too.

Gigantic Jazzles Crispy Cakes

Prep Time15 minutes
Servings: 10 Giant Jazzles!


  • 175 g gluten free Rice Krispies
  • 115 g Marshmellows - preferably mini white marshmellows but any will do
  • 250 g White Chocolate
  • 50 g Butter - a block not spread (comes in foil rather than a tub – something like Stork or plant-based Flora)
  • Sprinkles - make sure they're gluten free


  • Melt the butter and 100g of white chocolate
    >My preferred way: put both in a mixing bowl over a pan of very gently simmering water. The water should not be touching the base of the mixing bowl, otherwise you'll burn the chocolate. Stir occasionally.
  • Add the marshmellow and keep stirring until they are melted too. The mixture should be nice and smooth!
  • Whilst the bowl is still over the heat, add the rice krispies and mix together. This takes quite a lot of mixing but its so worth it!!
    >You might find it easier to do this off the heat, however you'll have to work very quickly as the melted marshmellow mixture gets sticky very quickly once cool and makes it hard to stir.
  • Line a 2 baking trays/chopping boards with tin foil/baking paper (big enough to fit 5 jazzles on each)
  • Take 1 very heaped tbsp of the and place onto the baking tray. Using the back of a spoon or your fingers to push into a circle
    >Try to make them as compact as possible so they don't fall apart when you pick them up later.
  • Melt the remainder of the white chocolate.
    >Again, best to do this in a clean bowl over a pan of very gently simmering water.
  • Drizzle 1 tbsp of the melted white chocolate onto each
  • Scatter the sprinkles all over the jazzles – don't worry about being neat. The more sprinkles the better!!!
  • Leave the giant jazzles to cool. They'll cool in about 1 hr at room temperature or 15 mins in the fridge.
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