Gluten Free Baking: 6 of the best *EASY* Recipes

25th August 2020
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Baking is my all time favourite thing, but I can totally appreciate how daunting it seems when you’re new to the gluten free baking game! Here are 6 recipes that I’ve picked out because 1) they contain basic ingredients 2) they’re super easy to make and have lots of pictures in the instructions to help you along your way and 3) they are YUM!

Hope this helps – if you’ve got any gluten free baking questions, send me a message and I’ll do my very best to help 🙂

Happy Baking, Jess x

(1) Easy Gluten Free Pop Tarts

Shop bought pastry (details in the recipe), cut into rectangles, sandwiched with jam, shoved in the oven, drizzled with icing and sprinkles and taaaaa dahhhh! Couldn’t be easier!!

(2) The Best Ever Shortbread

Genuinely my favourite recipe on my blog. Its just 3 ingredients whisked together and works every single time. Think this is the recipe my followers make the most often too!!

(3) Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes with melted strawberries if you’d like!

Fool-proof cupcake recipe. Haven’t found a better one out there 😉 And you can’t go wrong with a cupcake!! Ice it, dip it in chocolate, add a strawberry… or just eat them as cupcakes on their own. Delish!!

(4) Gluten Free Lemon Drizzle Cake

A new one for me but couldn’t believe how easy it was. Simple ingredients and perfect for anyone who fancies cake but doesn’t want the faff of piping on any decoration.

(5) My No Bake Biscuit Break Bars

Basically gluten free Penguins but using Nairns biscuits so you haven’t got to make that bit! Just have the fun of whisking up some buttercream and sandwiching two biscuits together, dunking in melted choc and trying to resist eating them before they’ve set!

(6) Biscuit Traybake Cake

My all time favourite, classic vanilla sponge. This one is also perfect for anyone who doesn’t fancy decorating… just whack some jam on the cake and decorate with biscuits!!! So much fun and looks really cool.

This sponge recipe is also perfect for cupcakes and loaves.

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There’s tons more on my Gluten Free Help section too. Or if you click on the menu of my website, you can also find gluten free meal plans, new products and loads more!

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