16 New Gluten Free Products: 23rd April 2021

23rd April 2021
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This edition has a wholeeee lot of stuff… sweets, mains, even 5 new breads. Yes FIVE!!! Loads of normal aisle finds too. And one warning at the bottom.

ENJOY! Jess x

Sainsburys Salted caramel Crispy Squares (gf, df) – picture curtesy of @fittiefodmapldn – Sainsburys have released loads of new products recently! Personally like these because I’ve got a really sweet tooth (the caramel is so sweet). The chocolate is very dairy-free tasting but I’ve got used to that too!

Sainsburys Cake Bars (gf, df) – picture curtesy of @fittiefodmapldn – yet to try these but look delish!! Nice to see more dairy free products too 🙂

Sainsburys Mini Cupcakes (gf, contains dairy) – picture curtesy of @fittiefodmapldn – so cute!!! The piping looks perfect too which is rare for shop bought! Could pass as homemade 😉

Sainsburys Choco Flakes (gf, df) – always good to see new gf cereal, but remember some cereals are gf in the normal aisle too… and they come with normal aisle price tags!! Let me know if you’d like more info

Good Fibrations Raspberry & Coconut Bar (gf, df) – I do like a new cereal bar and woaaahh 1/3 of your fibre is epic

Morrisons The Best Free From Millionaires (gf, contains dairy) – look really chunky and delish! Anyone tried them yet?

Morrisons The Best Free From Millionaires

Forest Feast Dark Choc Salted Almonds (in Sainsburys) – never heard of this brand before but love the packaging! Free from aisle find.

Forest Feast Salted Dark Chocolate Almonds 120g

Warburtons Soft Sliced Brioche and Sliced Square Rolls (gf, df) – oh hello new breads!! Keen to try these! Anyone spotted them yet?

Gluten, Wheat and Milk Free | Warburtons
Gluten, Wheat and Milk Free | Warburtons

Asda Black Bean Stir Fry (gf, df) – got to say, I’m never a fan of the peppers etc they put with the stir fry mixes. They always taste a bit watery to me! But… gluten free black bean… got to be worth a try

Asda Italian Style Meatballs (gf, contains dairy) – another new Asda main from the normal aisle

Sainsburys Tempura Fillets (gf, df) – yessssssss!!! Love the M&S tempura. Aldi’s version is good but not as good as M&S. Can’t wait to see how these compare. No sign of a “gluten free” label on the front so I nearly missed this one too.

Genius New Loaves – well these quietly snuck onto the shelves didn’t they! The country white loaf is calling me…

Marks & Spencer Brownies (gf, contains dairy) – normal aisle find!! No sign of a “gluten free” label which is unlike M&S and makes these easy to miss. Think they might be just a rebranding of the “Milk, White and Dark Brownies they used to have? Look so yummy!! (*this picture has been taken from the Coeliacs in the UK fb group)

Haven’t got a pic yet but these are new too…

Morrisons Iced Buns!! Heard very mixed things, mostly negative, but hey… gluten free iced buns guys!!!

Sainsbury’s Mini Chocolate Chip Muffins (gf, contains dairy)

Sainsbury’s Lemon Loaf Cake (gf, df)


Naked Rendang Curry Pot (Tesco) – this sneaky pot is sitting in the free from aisle of Tescos. Unlike the other Naked pots that are on sale there, its NOT gluten free. Im guessing its in the free from aisle because its vegan, but I wanted to point it out because its an easy one to make a mistake on given the others are all gluten free.

Naked Malaysian Rendang Curry Vegetable Pot 60G - Tesco Groceries

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