17 New Products: 10th April 2021

11th April 2021
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All sorts of products here, from ice cream to BBQ food!

**I have found these products on supermarkets websites so I’m relying on their ingredients lists to be accurate – please check the ingredients in stores too just incase they’ve made a mistake!**

Aldi’s Mini Viennese Vanilla Ice Creams (gf, contains dairy) – oh hello! Bring on the summer…

Gianni's Mini Viennese Vanilla Ice Creams 5 Pack 175g

Aero Bubbly Caramel Chocolate Bar (gf, contains dairy) – the multipacks have arrived. Being dairy free, I haven’t had Aero in yearssss and I’d really love to try this one!!

Aero Bubbly Caramel Chocolate Bar Multipack | Morrisons

Twister Peek-A-Blue Ice Lollies (gf, may contain milk) – Twisters always remind me of the ice cream man coming by my parents house when I was little!

Twister Peek-A-Blue Ice Cream Lolly 5x70 ml | Sainsbury's

ASDA Butcher’s Selection Chilli & Coriander Lamb Kebabs (gf, df) – In my family, we find it easiest to keep the whole BBQ gluten free and they just add gluten-containing rolls after so its so good to find loads of gluten free options for us all to enjoy without me feeling like I’m limiting my families choices!!

Heck Vegan Mince and Vegan Italia (gf, df) – have to be honest, I’ve not been a big fan of any of the gf, vegan mince options yet but I’ve never gone wrong with Heck so I can’t wait to try these

Kettle Chips Steakhouse Barbecue (gf, df) – I’ve got a thing for beef crisps at the minute. Kettle chips are also my go-to too.

Kettle Chips Steakhouse Barbecue 150G

Walls Mini Bites Vanilla Ice Cream 10 Pack (gf, contains dairy) – these look like the type of thing I’ll need to eat 10 of, and then immediately head to the supermarket to buy another 10 haha

Tesco Chunky Beef Chilli (gf, df) – whilst we were doing up our kitchen and ready-meals featured heavily in our diet, I found the chillis were often the best of the bunch. Now I’ve got another one to try!

Tesco Chunky Beef Chilli 550G

Oykos Dairy Free Stracciatella Chocolate (gf, df) – I need this

image 1 of Oykos Dairy Free Stracciatella Chocolate 350G

Popworks Sweet & Salty Popped Crisps (gf, df) – lots of new flavours but this one caught my eye…

image 1 of Popworks Sweet & Salty Popped Crisps 85G

M&S Slow Cooked 2 Duck Legs with a Port & Orange Sauce (gf, contains milk) – if only I could find some good duck pancakes for this…

imageOfProduct id = 519982011

Nando’s Peri Peri Garlic Bag & Bake 20G (gf, df) – gone on next weeks shopping list. Love these bag and bake dishes – always make for the softest, most delish chicken.

Nando's Peri Peri Garlic Bag & Bake 20G

Haribo Squidglets Fruit & Cola Gums (gf, df) – potentially too cute to eat?!

Haribo Squidglets Fruit & Cola Gums 175G

Patak’s Tikka Oven Bake Marinade (gf, contains milk) – another one I have to try! Love the Patak pots.

Patak's Tikka Oven Bake Marinade 120G

M&S Lightly Salted Popped Potato Chips Multipack (gf, df) – love how these are clearly marked as gf on the front. M&S are generally great at that.

imageOfProduct id = 545649011

Ocado British Garlic & Herb Chicken Breast Kebabs (gf, df) – more bbq choices!

ASDA Simple to Cook Bacon Crunch Burger (gf, contains dairy) – yesssss! Something a bit different for dinner!!


Hula Hoop Potato Rings – coming to Iceland!!!! Not sure if they’re gluten free yet, I’ll keep my eye out 😉

Which flavour will you buy?

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