16 New Products: 29th September 2020

29th September 2020
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Slightly different edition this week – we’ve got 14 new products, 2 new bits I wanted to flag to you… and then 2 warnings!!!!

Lindt Hazelnut Chocolate or Dark Spread (gf, contains dairy) – available in Asda and getting amazing reviews. Can they bring out a dairy free one now pleaaaase?!

Lindt Hazelnut Chocolate Spread 200g

Galaxy Truffles Hot Chocolate (gf, contains dairy) – available in Asda and sounds absolutely INSANE. Its definitely hot chocolate season now.

Leon fast food options (gf, df) – in Sainsburys. Love a Leon!! Not everything is gluten free/dairy free so be careful! I think we can only have (1) Brazilian Black Bean and (2) Super Green Thai Chicken

Nakd double chocoalte (gf, df) – I love a nakd bar but haven’t had one in ages… these might tempt me!!

Nakd Wholefoods unveils a new range of vegan-chocolate covered snack bars

Marks and Spencer Salted Caramel Chocolate Spread (gf, contains dairy) – another one that is getting amazing reviews!!!! (pic credit: tyla)

M&S Has Launched Salted Caramel Chocolate Spread And 2020 Is Saved - Tyla

Sainsburys Scotts Cupcakes and Choc Chip Muffins (gf, contains dairy) – not sure if these are new but I haven’t seen them before? For a shop-bought cake, they looked seriously delish. They could pass as homemade!

Mccain Waffle Fries (gf, df) – YES PLEASE!!! Perfect for a “kids dinner” or maybe loaded waffle fries!

Mccain Waffle Fries 550G

Sainsburys New Gravy Flavours inc chicken & beef (gf, df) – gf Bisto will always be my absolute fave though

Morrisons Normal Aisle Kiev (gf, contains dairy) – new to me!!! I definitely wouldn’t have thought to check the ingredients for this!!!

imageOfProduct id = 454218011

Yorkshire Tea Toast and Jam (gf, df) – in Asda. Not sure how I feel about this?!! Guess I’ve got to try it before I pass judgement…

Yorkshire Tea has just invented a toast and jam flavoured brew - YOU  Magazine

Holy Moly Nutshakes (gf, df) – in Sainsburys. I was gifted some to try today… they’re seriously thick and full of flavour – yum. If you haven’t tried their guac, I can really recommend that too!

Holy Moly debuts line of plant-based milkshakes in UK

Joseph Popcorn Bars (gf can’t see if they’re dairy free but would imagine they aren’t) – Whilst expensive, I do love their popcorn so I’m sure these will be great!

Mexicana Vegan Cheese (gf, df) – available in Asda. Still haven’t found a vegan cheese that I reaaaally love so I welcome any newcomers to the market!!

UK Dairy Brand to Launch Spicy Vegan “Mexicana” Cheese | VegNews

In Other News…

O2 offer – free LEON FRIES!!! If you’ve got O2 priority, this is a winner 🙂

Asdas is the first supermarket to launch an ambient Vegan aisle – more info on Asdas website. I wanted to include this because I find it really frustrating that the vegan and allergy aisles are currently muddled. Appreciate the free from/allergy aisle isn’t just for gluten free but its not helpful, is it!! Great to see that Asda are separating them.

Asda to become first UK supermarket to launch ambient vegan aisle


Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte – usually gluten free but this year, they’ve not included any allergen info on their website so be careful!!! Ask in store before you buy just incase something has changed!

Also, remember that Starbucks serves a gluten-containing oat milk so there is a risk of cross contamination unless you ask them to thoroughly clean the machine and any equipment before making your drink.

ASDA Free From Oat Single Cream Alternative – it says “FREE FROM” but its FREE FROM MILK NOT GLUTEN!!!! It is not suitable for coeliacs.

ASDA Free From Oat Single Cream Alternative - ASDA Groceries

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