My Gluten Free Weekly Meal Plan (2)

9th July 2020
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Welcome back to my gluten free weekly meal plan – this is the 2nd edition (click here for the 1st edition)! Hopefully it will give you a few ideas for meals you might want to add to your own menus 🙂

Its our genuine meal plan so there are a few of the same bits from last week – got to keep our faves in there!!!

Extra Bits

Whilst I was picking up the bits in the supermarket for this meal plan, I came across a few extras that might have snuck into my trolley!! Don’t think any of this is new, but its new stuff to me so thought I’d share them with you.

  • Crispy Beef – one of my old fave “normal aisle” finds. Loads more here if you’d like to see them
  • Golden Rice – we are obsessed with this stuff. Its 60p and so tasty. Don’t get the microwable pre-cooked one, get this packet!!
  • Buttermilk chocs – dairy free rolos!!
  • Wholegrain rice noodles – so hard to hit the 30g target whilst on a dairy free diet so these will help!
  • Massaman Curry Paste – the one from our meal plan this week
  • Applewood Vegan Cheese!!! – that’s going on my burger bowl!

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