• Easy Peasy Iced Gems

    13th March 2019

    4 ingredients, 3 super simple stages & lots of fun to make! You don’t need any fancy flavourings but feel free to add them if you’d like to. This recipe makes about 50 – make at least this many, they go fast!!! My Shortbread Ingredients Flour – you can actually use self-raising or plain. Self-raising…

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  • Gingerbread House – gluten, dairy free

    18th December 2018

    This is the first gingerbread house I’ve ever made – and its a gluten, dairy free one!!!!! I found some gingerbread cutters in Lakeland so I HAD to have a go and I had so much fun :’). It’s honestly very easy to make the basic structure, then its up to you how elaborate you…

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  • The Best Ever Apple Pie Cookies

    11th August 2018

    I have to admit, creating a recipe for the perfect gluten & dairy free cookie was tough. I wanted the kind of cookies you get from the fresh bakery section at the supermarket – gooey, almost caramelly middles & crunchy edges. Its taken me a longggg time to get a fool-proof recipe but I’m finally…

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  • Fully Loaded Freakshake

    24th July 2018

    Web definition of a ‘freakshake’: a milkshake overflowing with indulgence – from lashings of cream, to chocolate and caramel sauce, decadent chunks of brownie, nuts and the like. So I’ve stuck with this definition… but I’ve made it gluten, dairy and refined sugar free. Don’t believe me? Here’s the recipe – Sweet Freedom is my…

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  • Date & Walnut Banana Bread

    27th May 2018

    Gluten, dairy and grain free banana bread… perfect for breakfast or a healthy snack. Funny story: I asked my dad and boyfriend to have a go at this recipe to make sure it was easy to follow. Whilst my boyfriend is capable of very basic dinners, my dad cant boil water so I thought it…

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