• Gluten Free Penguins

    28th May 2019

    A gluten, dairy free version of the classic you used to have in your school lunchbox! Crunchy biscuits sandwiched with a creamy, rich buttercream and coated in your fav chocolate… can’t go wrong.

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  • Neapolitan American Pancakes

    14th May 2019

    Where was my Neapolitan American Pancakes idea born? Well, pancakes are my fav brekkie… so naturally, when I was wandering around Tesco the other day, I was day dreaming about a big fluffy stack of american pancakes, drizzled in chocolate sauce! I was awoken from my daydreams by some yummy looking strawberry & chocolate Alpro…

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  • Homemade Artic Roll

    3rd May 2019

    Gluten & dairy free, fun to make and seriously tasty. Taking me right back to the swim school dinners I had when I was 10!! When did you last eat artic roll?!! Brings back memories doesn’t it?! I’ve included a ton of pics to help but honestly, its much easier than you’d expect. Also love…

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  • Gluten Free Skillet Cookie (dairy free too!)

    1st May 2019

    Well… Charlie and I went to Pizza Hut… he had a skillet cookie for dessert… I got jealous… and this is the result!! My gluten free skillet cookie. All you need to do is melt some butter, mix in egg, sugar and flour and BAKE! My gluten free skillet cookie has a crunchy, caramel edge…

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  • Chocolate & Banana Marble Cake (loaf or muffins)

    28th April 2019

    Why make a normal marble cake when you can add a banana into the mix?!! This recipe is dreamy. Incredibly easy to make and really simple ingredients… but it produces a fluffy, indulgent, beautiful cake! Works perfectly as a large loaf or individual muffins. Top with chocolate buttons or even some crunchy peanut butter. YUM!…

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  • Toffee Apple, Hot Cross Bread & Butter Pudding

    16th April 2019

    Jess, what on earth made you think of making this?!! Well, I wanted to do something different with a hot cross bun because I’m actually not thaaaat big of a fan but they definitely feel like a necessity at this time of year. I was thinking about the cinnamony, raisin smell of warm hot cross…

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  • Gluten Free Twix Recipe

    4th April 2019

    I’ve finally made a Gluten Free Twix!!! Its no secret that I’m a chocoholic – chocolate is my fav food in the entire world (second fav is sweetcorn incase you were wondering haha). So when I realised I could never have a Twix again, the world became a very, very dark place… that is until…

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  • ‘Pepperoni Pizza’ Pancake

    23rd March 2019

    Pancake Day is fast approaching and I wanted to do something a little different this year!! I’ve made a “Pepperoni & Meat Feast pizza with a BBQ Dipping Sauce” … aka a Strawberry & White Chocolate Pancake with a Chocolate Dipping Sauce. Want to have a go? Hasn’t got to look like a real pizza.…

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