25 New Gluten Free Products: 17th June 2021

17th June 2021
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This new products guide is broken into 2: (1) the new M&S products and (2) the rest! Hope there’s something new and exciting in here for you…

All the New M&S Products

Tiger Loaf, Samosa and Crumpets (gluten, dairy free). My reviews of these three here

M&S Tiger Rolls (gluten, dairy free)

M&S Plant Kitchen Salted Caramel Cookie Dough (gluten, dairy free)

Plant Kitchen salted caramel cookies

Belgian Milk Chocolate Cookie Kit – can’t find a pic for this one, but its just like the kit above except its not vegan

Colin the Caterpillar Ready to Bake Cookie Kit (pic taken from google) (gluten free, contains dairy)

Colin The Caterpillar Cookie Kits Are On Sale Now

Percy Pig Frosting (gluten free, contains dairy)

New Grab and Go lunch Option (gluten, dairy free)

More New Products!

Morrisons Vegan Chorizo Style Sausages (gluten, dairy free)

Morrisons V Taste Chorizo Sausages

Waitrose Sweet Chilli Chicken Breast Kebabs (gluten, dairy free)

Waitrose Sweet Chilli Chicken Breast Kebabs 4s

Waitrose 4 Pork, Chorizo & Manchego Whorls (gluten free, contains dairy)

Waitrose 4 Pork, Chorizo & Manchego Whorls

Hippeas Chickpea Tortilla Rockin’ Ranch (gluten, dairy free)

Sainsbury’s Summer Edition Katsu Curry Flavour Tortilla Scoops (gluten free, contains milk)

Mash Direct Curry Chips (gluten and dairy free)

Curry Chips - Mash Direct

Livias at Home Mix (gluten free, vegan)

Livia's-Mix-at-Home-2-packs copy

Promise Rustic White Sourdough


Asda Vegan Moments (gluten and dairy free)

Tesco Free From Sauces (gluten and dairy free)

Morrisons Gnocchi (gluten and dairy free)

Morrisons Free From Potato Gnocchi

Sainsburys Pesto Bake (gluten free, contains dairy)

Sainsburys Apple and Rhubarb Juice (gluten, dairy free)

Lexi Protein Crispy Bites (gf, vegan) – Original, strawberries and cream, triple choc and choc orange

Lexi's Ooey Gooey Crispy Treats! 99 Calories, Gluten Free, Vegetarian

Heck Pre-Cooked Bites in WHSmiths and Boots (all gluten free, some dairy free)

Asda Curly Fries (gluten, dairy free)

ASDA Free From Free From Curly Fries - ASDA Groceries

NOT SURE if they’re gluten free

Haven’t found these 2 on the shelf yet but worth keeping an eye out…

M&S Sprinkles – they have both Percy Pig and Colin Caterpillar… little bit obsessed ad very much hoping they’re gluten free. Lots of sprinkles aren’t so make sure you check!

Cupcakes decorated with Percy buttercream and Percy Pig party sprinkles

Dairy Milk Twisted Buttons

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