20 New Gluten Free Products at M&S today! With Reviews!!

13th May 2021
Blog post

The 3 big ones:

(1) MADE WITHOUT SAMOSASgluten and dairy free

I reaaaallly want to say they’re absolutely amazing but instead I have to say they’re good. They certainly fill a gap in the market, the filling is absolutely delish and I will definitely buy them again.

So why not “absolutely amazing”? (1) They’re pretty small but us gluten freers are used to that, right?! (2) The outside is very thick and crunchy. I really liked them but they’re not quite like the real deal…if/when you try them I think you’ll know exactly what I mean… near enough though, I’ll take it.

m&s gluten free samosas

(2) MADE WITHOUT TIGER LOAFgluten and dairy free – £2.75

Very tasty, good price, no holes. Slightly small as with all gluten free bread but would buy again.

Also… I haven’t filtered these pictures at all…it really is that beautifully bright!

(3) MADE WITHOUT CRUMPETS gluten and dairy free – £2

Mixed opinions – they kind of taste homemade which is great, but I think thats because they’re not perfect haha. They’re too flat in my opinion so your chosen topping hasn’t got quite so far to sink into those crumpet holes. Prefer other brands.

We can have the new meal deal!!!

Yesss!! Two mains and 4 extras for £15. None of the desserts are gluten free but because you can have 4 extras rather than the usual 1 main, 1 side, 1 pud, you don’t have to buy something you can’t eat!!

Extras include: piri piri chips, mighty peas (like Nandos machos peas) & corn on the cob. (There’s also peri peri wings, spicy rice and coleslaw but they weren’t in my local store so couldn’t check ingredients)

The other bits I found…


  • j.higgins

    6th July 2021 at 2:39 pm

    Such a pity you’ve discontinued the gluten free savoury tartlets ,and opted for small cheese and onion tart at £1.75.and why not bring back the gluten free scotch eggs.
    I’m celiac so look forward these nice treats.
    I’ve noticed your plant range has doubled,whilst free from is shrinking.
    Its a fashion to be vegan.
    While us celiacs are for life.

    I’m aware its all about profits, but there’s a lot more marked down prices not sold in the plant section .

    1. jkitchengf

      16th August 2021 at 2:13 pm

      Hey – this is written by me, Jessicas Kitchen, not M&S. All the views ae my own 🙂 But I hear you… I wish they hadn’t stopped those too!!

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