TOP 5: Things that need fixing in 2017

23rd October 2017
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Notes to 5 companies who could make my life a whole lot easier!! Not moans, just easy things to fix

1. Lola’s cupcakes: You have GF. You have Vegan (DF). Why not make one a combination of both so I haven’t got to have the torment of walking past your beautiful Covent Garden stall every day and see the rows of perfectly iced cupcakes, screaming “eat me!” without even being able to have a nibble. I have to divert my eyes when you hand out samples of the bite sized pieces of yumminess. If it wasn’t for the fact I have to pick up my dinner from M&S on the corner, I’d walk the long way just to avoid the temptation. Please help!!

2. Itsu: You’re naturally pretty GF friendly – rice and fish. So why not have gluten free soy? I used to carry some in my bag but after the frequent spills all over my make-up, purse and the kitchen sink that I carry around with me, I’ve given up . You’re now a no go zone and I miss you!

3. Coffee chains: come on guys, where are you GF DF options? Correct me if I’m wrong but short of the manky banana in the corner, there’s nothing that caters for both intolerances in one. I’ll make you some banana bread and you can stock that 🙂

4. Deliveroo: you used to be my saviour on my tired days. 8pm, XFactor is just about to start and my boyfriend and I have clicked on your beautiful little app for a cheeky treat. We clicked on the GF filter and was presented with 1 option. Better than none, wahoo! But what about DF? I called you, was told to place an order and you’d contact the restaurant. Bellies rumbling and full of excitement at the prospect of a Chicken Tikka, we picked a few of our favourites. Later on, you called to inform us that the restaurant wouldn’t do any of it dairy free and couldn’t offer an alternative. By the time we sorted it, not only had the convenience been totally eliminated, but we’re past hungry and dinner had turned into a midnight feast. Come on Deliveroo, there’s loads of us with intolerances out there, make it easier!!!!

5. A more general one: “ermm, yeah I think so” – the 4 words that should be banned in all restaurants when you ask if something is gluten and dairy free. Appreciate gluten free is somewhat of a fad these days, but there’s still plenty of us taking it seriously so don’t make me ask “can you go check please?!”

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