• 5 things I wish I knew before cutting out gluten and dairy

    31st October 2017

    Cutting out gluten and dairy?? Here’s 5 things I wish someone had told me… 1. You need to buy more Tupperware. (a) Batch Cooking: Eating out and picking up takeaways is now going to be a bit of a pain so batch cooking will be your new best friend. A freezer full of coeliac-safe homemade…

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  • TOP 5: Things that need fixing in 2017

    23rd October 2017

    Notes to 5 companies who could make my life a whole lot easier!! Not moans, just easy things to fix 1. Lola’s cupcakes: You have GF. You have Vegan (DF). Why not make one a combination of both so I haven’t got to have the torment of walking past your beautiful Covent Garden stall every…

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