18 New Gluten Free Products: 6th August 2021

9th August 2021
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It’s been a while but I’ve been saving up all my new finds fans I’ve put them all in this post – you’ve got 18!! Sweet, savoury, all gluten free, some dairy free… enjoy!

Ferrero Rocher Bar (gf, contains dairy) – said to hit the supermarket shelves on Aug 9th and apparently no gluten/may contains!!!

Ferrero Rocher to make debut in chocolate bars | News | The Grocer

Pizza Express Raw Slaw/Dips/Halloumi Bites (all gf, some dairy free – see below) – I’ve heard very good things about those Halloumi bites

Mamma Loretti (gf, contains dairy) – how exciting are these!!! I think they’d be great in the top of an ice cream sundae. Available in Morrisons

Asda Free From Pulled Pork Tortilla Rolls (gf, df) – can’t wait to try these, think they’d be really good with a chunky homemade hummus or salsa

Genius Brioche Loaf (gf, df) – a new loaf on the market is always a good thing! Charlie loves Brioche so I’ll let you know what he thinks of this one

Genius BOOSTED BRIOCHE LOAF - Active Cultures & Gluten Free

Coop Free From Turkey Wrap (gf, probably not dairy free but we can dream!) – coming to the Coop this Christmas. Coop party food at Christmas is amazing too – already excited for those filo pastry bits and its only August haha

Range preview: Co-op Christmas food 2021 | Range Preview | The Grocer

VioBlock, VioSpread and BBQ Pack (gf, df) – 3 new bits for us dairy free people to try

Nomo Choc Lollies and Buttons (gf, df) – the giant creamy buttons have my name written on them

Vegan chocolate brand NOMO to launch three new chocolatey creations

Costa Hot Chocolate – tesco (gf, df) – I do love a hot chocolate so this is a welcome addition to the shelves!

Costa Hot Chocolate 300G

Tilda Katsu Rice (gf, df) – love the sound of this!

Tilda Microwave Katsu Curry Jasmine Rice 250g

KIND Dark Chocolate with Orange or Ginger (gf, df) – I was lucky enough to be gifted both. Both are really strong flavours with the classic Kind crunch. The orange is my favourite of the two.

Salt and Pepper Ridge Chips (gf, df)

Tesco Salt & Pepper Ridge Chips 750G

Popchips Veg Vibes (gf, df)

Popchips Veg Vibes Sriracha

Sainsburys Chocolate and Coconut Granola (gf, df)

Sainsburys Rainbow Loops and Choco Flakes (gf, df)

Asda Extra Special Double Chocolate & Hazelnut Cookies (gf, contains dairy)

M&S Tuna and Avocado Sushi Wrap (I haven’t been able to check this one myself yet but should be gf, df!)

I tried M&S's new bento and sushi range and found it disturbingly slimy -  Liverpool Echo

Angel Light Dessert Kit – most angel delights are a may contain but these aren’t!! (gf, contains dairy)

Two to Watch

Cadbury Dairy Milk Mint Buttons – coming very soon!!! Not sure if they’ll be gluten free yet so watch this space!!!!!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons Mint Chocolate Bag £1 95g -

Caramilk – I think this was ok for a while but the newest bars seem to be a may contain so be careful!!!

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