My Favourite Products: March 2021

17th March 2021
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I always love finding out what products are the current faves in everyone’s trollies at the moment, so I thought it would only be fair if I shared mine!

Here’s 10 products that I’ve been buying every week but that are quite new discoveries to me.

None of them are ads, they’re just things I’ve been loving and thought you might like too!]

Eat Trek Millionaire Bars – gf, df look exactly like the picture on the front of the packaging. I struggle to get enough protein so these are a fab snack. Filling, sweet and addictive.

Trek Power Millionaire Shortbread Protein Bar 55g

Promise Bread – gf, df – genuinely don’t go a week without buying this. Charlie loves it to (he’s not gf/df). Things we make: tuna sandwiches, ham and cheese toasties (fried in a pan, not just toasted bread), PB and jab toast for brekkie, beans on toast, sweet chilli chicken sandwiches, fish finger toasties

Promise Gluten Free Soft White Loaf 480g | Sainsbury's

Green Thai Curry Paste with these additions! – all gf df – I always think these kind of curry pots are a bit bland but I was reading one of the packets a while back and they recommended adding palm sugar and fish sauce. They make it sooo much tastier. Both smell pretty gross on their own so I don’t recommend that, but they make the end curry taste so much more authentic. More like one I’d have in a restaurant.

Lee Kum Kee Teriyaki Sauce – gf, df – oh my gosh this stuff is GOOD. Super sweet so only need a tiny bit. We’ve added some to pan fried salmon or made teriyaki chicken stir fries with peppers, onions and courgette. Served with egg fried rice and tenderstem broccoli fried in a little sesame oil. Game changer! Bought from the Asian aisle of a supermarket.

LKK Teriyaki (Gluten Free) Sauce - Jar

Sainsbury’s Flame Grilled Steak Ridge Cut Crisps – gf, df (and actually vegan!) – I’ve been buying these for Charlie for a few weeks and also been jealous when he opens a pack because they smell so strong and delish. Turns out I could have them too – not sure why I thought I couldn’t.

Butternut Squash – I know this is random but hear me out! I rarely see Instagram pictures with butternut in them and its just the best. My fave way to cook it: cut into small squares (about 2cm x 2cm), coat in oil and scatter with rosemary, bake in the oven at 80oC for 1hr. We have it as a side in place of potatoes but I have been known to (frequently) have a bowl of roasted butternut as a snack on its own.

image 1 of Tesco Butternut Squash Each

Sainsburys Vegan Margherita and Pizza Pepperoni gf, df – Saturday night pizzas have become a thing here. I’ve always struggled to find a good gluten, dairy free one but this is the fresh pizza from Sainsbursy and it does need extra cheese/toppings but its really yummy. Absolutely love this pepperoni ontop. (Note, the freezer version of this pizza contains dairy so if you need dairy free, go for the fridge one).

Old El Paso Chunky Mild Salsa – gf, df – >>>>WAITTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!<<<< Don’t scroll past thinking you know this one!!! I’ve got something different to tell you – its amazing when added to a basic tomato pasta/pizza sauce. I add 2 tbsp of this to 1/2 a tin of plum tomatoes, 200ml water, half a stock cube and a sprinkle of basil/mixed herbs/oregano and simmer until think. Quick, easy and yum.

Old Elpaso Thick & Chunky Salsa Mild 226G

Coconut Collaborative Banoffee Pots – gf, df – tiny but so good as a little sweet treat after lunch

The Coconut Collaborative Banoffee Pots 4x45g | Sainsbury's

Sweet and Salty Rhythm 108 Bars – gf, df – been ordering these for a few months now. Sweet and salty chocolate sounds odd but it is the only way I could describe them!! Delish!

Sweet 'N' Salty Almond15 x 33g – Rhythm 108

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