19 New Gluten Free Products: 8th Feb 2021

8th February 2021
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Sainsburys Cheese and Bacon Potato Skins (gf, contains dairy) – I think they have these around Christmas time? But never seen them stocked in the “normal” section all year round so that exciting 🙂

Plant Pioneers No Cheez Sauce (gf, df) – I’ve tried a few vegan “cheese” sauces and haven’t been impressed so I’m looking forward to trying this one!

Plant Pioneers Tomato & Mascarphone (gf, df) – used to love Marscapone sauce on stuffed pasta so I’m reaaaally looking forward to trying this too!

Micro Milk Chocolate Eggs – Morrisons and Sainsburys (gf, contains dairy) – how cute are these!!! They’re about 1/4 size of normal mini eggs. And I’ve got big plans for them 😉

Sunnycomb Bar (gf, df) – like a crunchie but gluten and dairy free

Mummy Meagz Vegan Sunnycomb Bar 35g

Buttermilk Dairy Free Chocolatey Truffles (gf, df) – yet to try these but I love their gf df version of Rolos so I’m sure I’m going to love these too

Morrisons Free From Cream Crunchies and Enrobed Orange Biscuits (both gf, crunchies dairy free, orange cookies cream contain dairy)

Morrisons Free From Cream Crunchies
Morrisons Free From Enrobed Orange Biscuits

Aldi breakfast oat smoothie mix – would never have guessed this would be gluten free! Good spot @glutenfreedanielle !!

Oatie flapjacks – another amazing spot from @gluten_free_sjb, from Home Bargains

Morrisons Best Red Wine & Chorizo Mussels (gf, df) – I’m always nervous of cooking mussels so think this one that’s all been prepared for me would be perfect!

Morrisons The Best Red Wine & Chorizo Mussels

Plant Pioneers Chocolate & Caramel Pots (gf, df) – they sound absolutely delish! Yet to get my hands on some but when I do, I’m stocking up!!! Rare to see anything like this that is gluten AND dairy free.

Swiss Milk Choc Eggs (gf, contains milk) – think Lindt balls but gluten free (the milk choc red lindt is NOT coeliac safe).

Waitrose have a new gluten AND dairy free biscuit range, including these two! Both are my fave flavours too.

Waitrose Chocolate Praline Heart (gf, contains dairy) – its times like this that I wisssshh I could eat dairy!! How cute are these. Praline centre too.

No.1 2 Chocolate Praline Hearts

Marks love whips

Image result for marks love whips

M&S Love Sausage (gf, df) – I mean, is it really Valentines if you haven’t had a M&S Love Sausage!? Genius and makes me laugh every year!

M&S Peach & Passion Fruit Bellini (gf, df)– oh hello!! We’ll certainly be getting a bottle of this on the 14th

M&S I Heart You Swiss Milk Chocolate Hearts (gf, contains dairy) – Love these little chocs. Usual M&S quality with super cute packaging AND they’re only £3.

imageOfProduct id = 534299011

M&S From Truffles with Love (gf, contains dairy) – we had the Christmas version of this box and they went down a treat. Again, the prettiest packaging and a wow when you open the box.

imageOfProduct id = 544970011

2 things to look out for:

Given the Kit Kat Easter bunnies, eggs and Santas are gluten free, I wonder if this ice cream will be too.

asda ice cream

I think most Aero choc is coeliac safe so I’m guessing these will be too? Sound yummy!!

aero dork and milk

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