17 New Gluten Free Products: 12th Nov 2020

12th November 2020
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Evening all!! I can’t really believe that we’re in November and I’m still writing “New Products” posts where I can find TONS of non-Christmassy brand new bits to share!!!

I’ve only included 2 Christmas ones that really stood out, the rest will be here all year around 🙂

**As always, please check the ingredients for yourself incase something has changed since I typed this**

Galaxy Vegan Hot Chocolate!! (gf, df but “may contain milk”) – Available in Waitrose and I am indescriblably excited ofr this!!!!!!

Galaxy Vegan Instant Silky & Smooth Drink

Asda Extra Special Belgian Chocolate Cake (gf, contains dairy) – those chocolate curls!!!!

ASDA Extra Special Gluten Free Belgian Chocolate Cake - ASDA Groceries

Tesco Profiteroles (gf, df) – there’s some new that are gluten AND dairy free!!! Woahhhh!!

Tesco Free From Profiteroles 220G

Tesco Plant Chef Korma (gf, df) – Normal aisle prices and so nice to find a dairy free sauce like this!

Tesco Plant Chef Coconut Korma Sauce 500G

Tesco Safari Shapes (gf, df) – I got far too excited to see these!!!! Pretty cheap at 73p a bag too.

Tesco Free From Safari Pasta 250G

Asda Potato Croquettes (gf, df) – AMAZING new find from one of my lovely followers. Thanks so much for sharing!!

Aldi Cauliflower Cheese Croquettes (gf, contains dairy) – Thanks to @the_positive_coeliac for sharing this one!!

Aldi Party Satay Skewers (gf, not sure if they’re dairy free!) – Thanks to @the_positive_coeliac for sharing this one too!!

Tesco Vanilla & Salted Caramel Ice Cream (gf, df) – I’m really into ice cream at the mo and this flavour sounds a bit too good!!

Tesco Free From Salted Caramel Iced Dessert 900Ml

Lindt Advent Calendar (gf, contains dairy) – Usually, we wouldn’t be able to have a Lidnt advent calendar as there are very few flavours we can have BUT the Lindt stores have a “make your own” so you could fill it with all the ones we are allowed 🙂 Such a treat!

Asda Idahoan Perfect Mash (gf, df) – something you’d never expect to be gluten free in the normal aisles! Thanks so much to the lovely follower who found this one 😉

Marks and Spencer “The Gluten Free Christmas Food Gift Bag” (gf, contains dairy) – £40, thought this would make a lovely present for someone! link here

The Gluten Free Christmas Food Gift Bag | M&S

Aldi Pad Thai Meal Kit (thanks to @glutenfreehd for the pic!)

Coop Belgian Chocolate Twists (gf, contains dairy)– thanks to @glutenfreealice for the pic. Seems like most supermarkets are offering some kind of gluten free pastry now! They just need to work on the dairy free version too!! 😉

Morrisons Onion Bhajis (gf, df) – love finding this sort of thing. Normal aisle prices, no one will raise an eyebrow when you get something “gluten free” out the freezer AND perfect for Christmas party food or the weekend Indian takeaway!

imageOfProduct id = 531322011

Tesco Finest Frostings! (gf, contain dairy) – how yummy do these sound? I’m so intrigued!!

Holy Moly Overnight Oats (gf, df) – small portion but I really enjoyed this! Kind of like a thick, sweet smoothie (not too many oats in there but I liked that). Perfect midday snack!

Holy Moly to launch vegan overnight oats in Sainsbury's

Want to see the last couple of editions of my “New Products”?

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