21 NEW Gluten Free Products For Christmas 2019

15th November 2019
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There’s loads of free from goodies hitting the supermarkets so thought it might be fun to share 20 things I’m pretty excited about that I don’t think were around in 2018!!

Everything is gluten free. I have labelled anything that is dairy free. As always, please check labels yourself whilst you’re in store, just incase any recipes have changed.

(1) Asda Snowman Mallows (dairy free) – no Christmas hot choc is complete without them.

(2) Waitrose Breaded Cheese Selection

(3) Schar Biscuits – Lebkuchen & Spekulatus

(4) Bake your own – not a lot around this year but these looked fun! Morrisons Bake Your Own Stars & Asda Decorate Your Own Gingerbread Man (both dairy free)

(5) Asda – Champagne Truffles (dairy free)

(6) Asda Blue Cheese Flavoured Crackers (dairy free) – first time I’ve seen anything like this!

(7) Tesco – Frozen Christmas Potato Shapes (dairy free) – coz we all need a snowman shapped potato for brekkie right?!

(8) Marks Pudding Selection Chocs

(9) Tesco Free From Mini Cheese Snackers 

(10) Asda Festive Elf Ice Cream – cute and sounds very tasty!

(11) Asda Mini Christmas Cupcakes – 3 different flavours, we’re spoilt this year!!

(12) Nomo advent calendar (dairy free) – if mum doesn’t get me this, its going to be a very sad Christmas

(13) Tesco Turkey Stuffing Bites & Sausage Roll Flavour Puffs – and the biggest bags of crisps I’ve ever seen

(14) Tesco Santa & Gingerbread Men Jellies (dairy free) – look at that Santa peeking through the window – so so cute and 50p

(15) Tesco Free From 4 Caramelised Apple Crumble Pies (dairy free) – for the mince pie haters, these are yum (especially with a bit of custard)

(16) Asda Trimmings Selection – I mean, anything that’s gluten free with the word “selection” has me sold.

(17) Tesco Free From Maple Bacon Tortilla Curls 

(18) Asda Iced Cream Igloo

(19) Asda Melt in the Middle Belgian Puds – perfect Christmas treat!!

(20) Nairns Savoury Biscuit Selection – this one is from Tesco and looks perfect for my cheese and biscuits!

(21) Marks Party Food! 4 for 3 on the whole range. Brownie bites, Christmas cake bites & Salted Caramel cupcakes!!


  • Samantha

    16th November 2019 at 8:24 am

    Absolutely love hearing all of your updates. I also agree that one of my greatest joys is finding GF options in the ‘normal’ isles. It’s like finding treasure!!! I think there are loads more as well this year which is great. I just wish that the supermarkets would highlight the fact more. So for example finding GF party food that doesn’t say GF on the front seems a waste. Not everyone is as clear about what is and isn’t allowed and only go by the front packaging. I think so many lose out which is why what you are doing is so great!!! ?

    Keep up the fab work and enjoy the run up to Christmas!!!

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