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Gluten Free Mars Bar

My gluten free Mars Bar - fluffy, slightly chocolatey nougat topped with a delicious sticky caramel & coated in chocolate. Easy recipe, basic ingredients.
Prep Time45 mins
Servings: 6 large bars in a 2lb loaf tin
Course: Dessert



  • 1 tube of Liquid Glucose (140g)
  • 400 grams caster sugar
  • 10 grams cocoa powder
  • 2 egg whites

Caramel Option 1

  • 200 grams caster sugar
  • 70 ml soya/single cream
  • 70 grams spread - I use Flora Dairy Free/Original

Caramel Option 2

  • 6 soft caramels


  • 250 grams of your fave chocolate



  • Place the caster sugar & liquid glucose into a saucepan. Add 125ml of water.
    >It can be tough to get every last drop of liquid glucose out of the tube. Two tips (1) Microwave the tube for 5-10 seconds to make it more runny and easier to squeeze out (2) Cut the end off the tube and pour out from that side
  • Turn the pan to a low heat, stirring constantly until the sugar has dissolved. At this point, you won't see any grains of sugar in the mix and it will have changed to a water-like consistency.
  • Increase the temperature so the mixture is simmering. Do not stir it anymore!! Leave it simmering until it reaches 132-135oC.
    >The pic shows what it will look like at this stage - the metal skewer is just my thermometer
  • Whilst the mixture is reaching temperature, place 2 egg whites in a large, clean mixing bowl and beat until they reach stiff peaks.
    >Here is a pic I have taken from google images to show what stiff peaks looks like!
  • Once the egg whites are stiff peaks and the sugar has reached temperature, add a tiny bit of the sugar mix to the egg and whisk in. Repeat until you have whisked in all of the mixture.
    >I pour in approximately 3 tbsp at a time. It takes 2-3 mins to add all of the sugar mixture to the egg white.
  • Use an electric whisk to beat the mix on high speed for a full 6 minutes.
    >Don't cut this time short!!! Its difficult to overwhisk, but if you underwhisk you won't have a fluffy nougat.
    >It will go from looking like melted marshmellows to a dough like consistency and then to a reallyyy sticky, almost chewing gum like consistency. At this point, the mix will be coming away from the bowl and you'll feel like your whisk is about to give up!
  • Add the cocoa powder and whisk in.
  • Line a 2lb loaf tin with baking paper. Pour the mix into the tin.
    >Tip: The mix will be really sticky and difficult to pour so gather it all together in the mixing bowl, tip the bowl on its side and then use a spatula to tip the nougat into the tin
  • Use the back of a clean spoon to spread the nougat around evenly.
    >You won't be able to do this with your fingers as its too sticky!
  • Place in the fridge to set for 15 mins.

Caramel: Option 1

  • Add the sugar into a pan & turn to a low-medium heat. Melt down to a golden brown caramel, stirring continually.¬†Here's a pic of the stages it will go through
    >Don't stop stirring!!! Also, keep using your spatula to break down the bigger lumps of sugar forming. You can see me doing this in my "Mars Bar" story highlights on Instagram.
  • Once its melted, add 1 tbsp of butter and mix until fully incorporated. Repeat for the rest of the butter.
    >Careful as it bubbles and spits a lot.
    >Make sure you add it 1 tbsp at a time because the butter is a lot cooler than the caramel and it'll cause all sorts of problems if you whack it all in in one go!
  • Add half the cream and and stir again. Add the rest of the cream and stir until its fully mixed. Raise the heat and bring the caramel to a simmer for 30 seconds.
  • Set aside for 5 mins to cool slightly and then pour over the nougat.
    >Don't worry, it will look very thin to start with but it will thicken up A LOT once its cooled!
  • Place in the freezer for at least 30 mins to firm up.

Caramel: Option 2

  • Once cool, cut the Mars nougat into bars.
  • Take one caramel. Squish it into the shape of your nougat bar and place it ontop. Repeat for all your bars.

Chocolate time!

  • If you made your own caramel: Cut your Mars into bars.
  • Melt your chocolate and wait 2-3 mins for it to cool slightly.
  • Line a tray/plate (something you can fit into the fridge) with tin foil.
  • Use a fork to lower a Mars bar into the chocolate and coat it completely! Remove and place it onto the foil. Repeat for all other bars.


CHOC TIP: To cut through the chocolate neatly: boil the kettle, fill a mug with the boiling hot water and stand your knife in it for a couple of mins - warm knife will cut through it muchhh easier!! After each slice, clean the knife and place it back in the water to heat up again
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